Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Miss Iowa Teen, Maddison Lange's Farewell

It is crazy to think that in one moment your life can be changed forever. This just reassures that miracles do happen and I can not believe my journey is almost over! When I heard my name called as the 2013 National American Miss Teen Iowa, I was in udder shock. I couldn't believe all of my hard work had paid off. 

I started my year off by donating school supplies and books to my old local elementary school where I talked to the students about character counts and achieving their dreams. During the Fourth of July weekend, I was honored to ride in two different parades. I was honored to help crown the 2013 Miss Monroe County Fair Queen and judge their prince and princess pageant. In August, I walked with my sister queens with the Susan G. Komen foundation in the Iowa State Fair parade to promote their Race for a Cure. Later that month, I got to spend time talking to Sheree's Flip Flop tumblers about proper diet and exercise. In September I rode in a local festival parade called Pancake Day. In October, I helped out at the local YMCA at their five year anniversary block party. Also, I attended the World Food Prize and got to package meals to send to third-world countries. With these many appearances, I did a lot of volunteering through the non-profit organization I began called Healthy Education and Living Awareness or HEALA. During the Fall, I also wrote and published my very own children's book called Petunia's Winning Plan to educate children about the importance of diet and exercise in today's world.

During the year I also went to two state pageants where I got to see two of my best friends be crowned. At nationals, I was able to make many life-long friends. National's week ended nicely since I made it into the top ten, my baby sister was crowned a national queen, and I saw one of my very best friends crowned the National American Miss Teen. I left Nationals with many amazing memories.
This year would not have been possible without my family. I want to thank my three older brothers James, Ben, and J.T. for all of their love and support. I want to thank my dad for always being there for me on and off of the stage. Also, I would like to thank my mom. I would not have made it through this year with out her because she is my rock. I want to thank all of the rest of my friends and family that traveled out to California to watch and to support me. I can not tell you how much it means to me.

Finally, I want to thank Breanne, Ryan, Lani, Kenn, and the entire NAM staff for all of your help throughout the year.

To my sister queens Shae, Lemuel, Shayla, Hannah, and Alyssa, this year has been a blast! I definitely would not have had this much fun without you. I will treasure all of the precious memories we made.

To my successor: you are in for an adventure! You will have an extraordinary family and team behind you. Hold on because you are in for the ride of your life! Even the craziest of dreams can come true. Much Love!

Your 2013 National American Miss Teen Iowa
Maddison Lange

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Iowa Princess Cover Girl, Addison's farewell

Hi Everyone, 
   I'm Addison Opheim, my friends call me Addi, you can too! I'm your Iowa Princess Covergirl. Let me tell you what an honor this year has been! It was a shock to win this title and I had no idea what that all meant! When we got home there was a welcome and congratulations party in my school. The next year would fly by. 
  When I got back I got to donate hats and mittens to all the children who would go through the school year with out. I got to show them my crown and banner and tell them about my journey. 

  I got to ride in many parades through out my area. One of them was Railroad days. It was where my Grandma & Grandpa Great live. Boy were they proud! 

   Starting the fall I did more fundraisers and gathered more goods to donate. My brother (Aidyn) and I worked at our fairground where we packages meals in bags to send to Honduras. We were the youngest kids who helped out. 

Next my journey was to head to Nationals. My grandma julie, my brother aidyn, and my mommy came with me. Boy were those two weeks a blast! It was a lot of hard work but we also go to play. I got to meet so many girls from all over the United States. When your a small town country girl this was a big journey to the big city! My mom always tells me "no matter what your dream is you can achieve anything as long as you believe princess! Because I believe in you" my mommy told me over and over my hard work paid off. Iowa represented well in the Princess category. My friend Shae won the National American Princess category and I won the National Cover Model! 

  As my year ends I've had so much fun and so many fun memories that will last a lifetime. Always be who you are and dream to the stars! Thanks to my family, friends, and my parents for allowing me to dream big! 

Love Addi
2014 Iowa Princess Covergirl

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Miss Iowa Jr Pre Teen, Lemuel Carrol's Farewell

Miss Iowa Jr. Preteen 2013 decided that she wanted to feed the families at the Ronald McDonald Charities House. She is compassionate about helping others and enjoyed making sure the families had eaten and played with the siblings that were in the house. She wants to be a Pediatric doctor and wanted to have a hands on feel of what it was like.

Ronald McDonald organization provides a family environment for families with loved ones who are seen in the University of Iowa Hospital for short or long term stays.

Lemuel enjoyed eating, playing, talking and entertaining the families it was a great experience that will continue on for a long time for Lemuel. Caring for children and there families is something that is special to her.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What its like to win a brand new Ford Mustang Convertible!

Imagine winning a brand new Ford Mustang Convertible at NAM Nationals, hard to imagine, just ask Lauren Schwartzberg! 

Just recently Lauren was walking home from school and her brand new customized convertible was there waiting for her. She customized it with a nice blue paint job and some fun new wheels. 

Check out an article writen about her in her local newspaper here 
A big thank you goes out to Gary Crossley Ford in Liberty, MO!! 

Stay tuned for some fun pictures of Lauren with her new car! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

State Finalist, Anisha Boone, organized an Anti-Bullying Party

Anisha Boone is a state finalist for National American Miss and she is an active volunteer in her community. Recently she organized an Anti-Bully Skate party. Check out the pictures and awards below.
We are so proud of you Anisha! Here are some incredible facts about the party:

The BEST news  - 70+ kids spent 3 hours skating, laughing, eating, playing games, interacting together without social networks or electronic devices & raising awareness against bullying.  Also, Miss Racine stopped by for 1 hour and was a great role model.

The GREAT news - none of the kids were mean to each other, and almost everyone got a free cupcake.  Miss Racine plans to come to the next Skate party and SKATE!!

The GOOD news - Parents found comfort in sharing their past experiences with bullying. DBOE club is planning another Skate Party for March.  More details to follow....

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Miss Utah Jr Teen, Kyla Zenger's farewell!

Being the Jr. Teen Miss Utah queen has made 2014 an amazing year. It has been an honor to hold this title and to be a part of National American Miss. 

I wanted to first say thanks to those wonderful people who made my journey to NAM possible. First, I want to thank my cousin and coach, Betsy Denny, for helping me prepare and build my confidence. I want to thank my friends and family for all of the support and love they have given me. Mom and Dad, thank you for being my biggest cheerleaders. You have helped me so much and I would have never been able to do it without you! Thank you! 

This year, I was able to attend a parade, volunteer at the The Heart and Stroke Walk-a-Thon, help serve children at The Mad Hatter Tea Party and prepare craft kits for kids residing at Primary Children's Hospital. I was also able to meet and spend time with some amazing girls this year…MY SISTER QUEENS! Experiencing events together, laughing together, and supporting each other in various activities, has allowed me to forge wonderful friendships.  You girlies rock!

To my successor: I advise you to always have a smile on your face and be kind to everyone. By helping others you help yourself and by being queen, you will have so many opportunities to do that. You will have many girls that will look up to you, be their friend and show them through your actions that they are something special. I hope you have a wonderful year and I hope you enjoy NAM as much as I have. Have fun and SMILE :) 

Thanks again to everyone who made this an experience I will never forget. NAM ROCKS!!!!!

Lots of Love,
Kyla Zenger

Friday, April 4, 2014

Don't Miss a Thing This Summer!!

Want to know where we will be posting up to the second news about pageants this summer?

Do you want to be the first to see who the new queens will be?

The first place we will be posting the winners and fun pictures throughout the summer is on our INSTAGRAM! 

Follow us! @NAMTeamMaples

You never know, you might just see yourself in your first ever picture as a new NAM Queen!

Check out some of the pictures that have already made it on the instagram:

The Miss Nevada State Finalists in their first appearance at a training session

The Miss Illinois queens at open calls

Isn't she the cutest?!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Miss Wisconsin Princess, Haelley Meadors farewell

This last year has flown by and I have had so much fun meeting new people, trying new things and seeing new places, I even got to go on my very first plane ride!  The first thing I got to do after winning the princess queen title was donate over three hundred books and school supplies to the homeless students in my school district.  I also donated part of my prize money to Happily Ever After a local no kill animal shelter.  

The next few months were really busy getting ready to leave for nationals, volunteering for make a wish foundation and the salvation army.  I participated in parades and a 5k that was raising money for bullying prevention. November finally arrived and  my mom and I made the long trip to California where I got to compete at Nationals.  Nationals was so much fun!  I met tons of new people and got do lots of fun things!  I didn't win the National title but representing the great state of Wisconsin will always be something that I treasure.  

The rest of my year was spent helping other girls my age feel good about themselves and spending time with my sister queens, in March I was able to spend time with the contestants of the Miss Amazing Pageant and had an awesome time making new friends.

None of this could have happened with out lots of support from friends and family.  I want to thank my mom for always being my biggest cheerleader and my dad for always knowing when I needed him, to my brothers thank you for always putting up with my girly clothes and cheering me on. To Erica, thank you for making sure I was always ready to shine on stage and to Laura, Natalie and Kelsey, thank you for making Nationals that much more special. To my coaches Jordan,Cherokee and all of the girls at GBE thank you for giving me the confidence to get on stage and for always being the audience while getting ready for competition.  And lastly to my sister queens, I love you all like the sisters that you have become, thank you for the fun and silly times and for always being there with a hug when I needed it.

To the the girls that will be competing for the princess queen title, have fun, make lots of new friends.  Always know that  just getting on stage and doing this makes you a winner and don't forget that in the words of Miss Julie YOU LOOK GOOD!

Love Always 
Haelley Meadors your 2013-2014 Miss Wisconsin Princess

Monday, March 31, 2014

Illinois Jr Pre Teen Cover Girl, MaKayla Fore's Farewell

WOW!!!  This is the one word that comes to mind when I think of NAM.  I was so honored when I heard my name called to represent National American Miss for another year.  Winning back-to-back titles has been a true blessing for me.  Having held the 2012 Miss Illinois Princess Cover Girl title, and then winning the 2013 Miss Illinois Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl title was one of the greatest opportunities that a girl could have.  I can't believe how fast time has flown by.  

I had so much fun this year participating in parades and I got to donate over 300 stuffed animals, books, and school supplies to my school where everything was used for our "Paw Mart" program for good behavior, kindness and helping others, and good grades.  

I was so honored to be able to donate 9 1/2 inches of my hair to "Pantene Beautiful Lengths" where they will add my hair to other donations to make wigs for those who medically need them.  There is no better reward than to know that your one act of kindness can help change another person's life in a positive way. I am already working on growing my hair back out so I can do it all over again.  

I would like to thank all my family, friends, and local businesses. Without all of you this would not have been possible.  Mom and dad, thank you for always taking me where I need to go and believing in me. You always make sure that I reach for the stars but kept both feet on the ground.  Jake and Colvin, you guys are the best big brothers a girl could have. Thanks Jake for supporting me enough to wear that tutu for family look-a-like.... It was so funny, but I am so grateful to have a brother like you!  Colvin, thanks for always carrying my stuff for me whenever I needed help.

To the new Miss Illinois Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl:
Make every moment count because it will go by way to fast.  Make lots of friends, laugh often, and always take lots of pictures. This is your time to shine. Remember to always reach for the stars but keep both feet on the ground as my mom and dad would say.  You will do great and good luck!

I am your 2013 National American Miss Illinois Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl.....

MaKayla Lynne Fore

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Miss Arizona Princess, Michaela Robbins' Farewell

I will never forget the moment they called my name as the winner of the 2013 National American Miss Arizona Princess! I could not believe how being crowned would change my life forever!  This past year has been filled with wonderful opportunities, special time with my family and making new friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime.

      My first duty as queen was delivering the books and school supplies that were collected by all the generous families from our state pageant to the Homeless Youth Connection.  Then, all the sister queens and I got together to work on Operation Christmas Child which mails Christmas care packages to needy children around the world.

      Working with Feed My Starving Children is one of my favorite places to volunteer. They ship MannaPacks around the world so children and their families won't go to bed hungry.  Then, in January, many of the NAMily royalty joined together for a big FMSC session. What a great cause!

      I had a blast in California at the Nationals Pageant!  It was a fun, crazy week mixed with Disneyland, Hollywood sightseeing, pageant rehearsals and celebrating Thanksgiving with my family.  Even my two aunts from Tennessee flew all the way to California to see my final pageant!

      My winning was just the icing on the cake!    My sister queens, cover girls and I got to be in three different parades across our beautiful state!  We kicked up our boots in glitzy western wear in the Wild West towns of Tombstone, Wickenburg and Apache Junction.  Plus, I got to travel to the Nevada State Pageant where I made a new friend, Lexie, Miss Nevada Princess 2013! And at a Christmas special appearance in Marana, I got to meet Miss Arizona 2013 Jennifer Smestad from the Miss America Pageant!

      To the girl who is crowned the new queen, I hope you make this next year as special as possible.  Always be polite and nice to all the new people you will meet. Just remember that other girls are going to be looking up to you!  Have fun hanging out with all of your new sisters!  You will make memories to cherish for a lifetime!

      To all my NAMily sisters Mariah, Vanessa, Bo, Hannah, Chandi, Dawnis and Kelly, I could not have been more blessed to be with a wonderful group of girls and their families.  You made our time together this past year so special! You will be in my heart forever!

      To my special teacher, Mrs. Mossi, who always believes in me! My year as queen would not have been possible without your support!

      A big huge thank you to Miss Breanne, Miss Lani and Mr. Kenn for making us truly feel like royalty.  They have made all the pageants such a terrific experience!  And finally, to my family, Mimi, Grandda, Mama and Daddy, who have traveled miles on the road for me and have worked so hard getting me put together for all of my pageants, thank you!  I love you so much!


Your 2013 National American Miss Arizona Princess

Michaela Robbins   

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Check out the Nebraska Jr Teen Cover Girl in a Fashion Show!

Caitlin Brisse, the current Nebraska Jr Teen Cover Girl, had the opportunity to model in the Spring Fashion show in her town! The fashion show was conducted to debut the latest spring fashions for Offutt Exchange. "Exchange generates funds that directly support Morale Welfare and Recreation programs."

We're so proud to see Caitlin giving back to her community!

Miss Illinois State Finalist in the News!

Jeannie Large attended an open call in Illinois, participated in an interview and filled out an application. She was selected as a state finalists, beating out 50% of applicants across the state of Illinois. Her local news station took note!

Jeannie overcame a challenge to participate in the interview. Read all about it and how she is confident in her abilities here

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

National American Miss Emcee Started a Blog!!

Joy Suprano is one busy and exciting woman! From emceeing every final show at Nationals this past year, to recently getting married, and being busy from "New York to California and everything in between." there is hardly enough time to start an incredibly successful blog. But that is exactly what she did! Stay up to date with all of the exciting things happening for Joy and learn from her experience and expertise! You might just see her at your state pageant this summer...

Check out the blog here:

Joy interviewing National American Miss Teen queen 2013-2014, Rachel Major, just moments after she won!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Show Your Artistic Talents! Have Your Art on NAM Merchandise!


We are on a search for the next FASHION DESIGNER!!!

It's that time of year to design the NAM apparel you see at your state's NAM boutique and we have decided to give YOU the opportunity to showcase your creativity!! 

IMAGINE seeing YOUR design professionally printed on some NAM t-shirts, sweatshirts, and zip-up hoodies at NAM shows ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!

* Design a NAM t-shirt or sweatshirt that you think represents what NAM is all about and would also be eye-catching to showcase on some of the NAM apparel. 

* All NAM designs must be submitted to namisspalmgren@gmail.com (do not share designs on Facebook) and make sure to include your name, age, and contact information with the design. 

* This contest is open to ANYONE--contestants, parents, family members, and friends!! 

* You can also enter AS MANY DESIGNS as you want!!

* Designs must be submitted by April 1st

* Winning design will be chosen by our Graphic Department.

* Prizes: The winning design will be awarded $100 and your design could be printed on some NAM apparel across the country!!! 

*Review the pictures below of the designs we used last year as a way to start your creative process.

*We will showcase all designs for YOUR moment on the FASHION DESIGN RUNWAY on the Nam Sandy-Nicole Palmgren Facebook page once the submission deadline has passed.

Time to SHOWCASE the CREATIVITY of our NAM families!!!
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