Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Missouri Teen Volunteers at Harversters Outreach

2016 Miss Missouri Teen, Jessica Hanner, and her mom had the opportunity to serve in the Harvesters Outreach ministry at their church. They helped distribute food to families from the community! Jessica has volunteered with Harvesters Community Food Network before at their central location in Kansas City and also through her church. On one occasion, her family went to the KC location and helped bag apples. A short time later, Jessica ended up handing out bags of apples at the Harvesters Outreach. It was exciting to see that what she did in one phase of volunteering resulted in actually meeting those who received the apples and knowing it made a difference! It has been a great way for her family to serve others! DID YOU KNOW that Harvesters has a 26-county service area and 122,570 children are food insecure? It means they may have food today, but do not know if they will have it tomorrow. Find out how you can make a difference at www.harvesters.org.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Missouri Cover Girl Volunteers at Ronald McDonald House

2016 Miss Missouri Teen Cover Girl, Alexis Amos, did some great local volunteer work at the Ozark Ronald McDonald House! First she packed care bags for each of the families who check in at the Ronald McDonald House. Next, it was time to clean the kitchen, and finally the volunteers constructed new furniture for the guest rooms. What a productive day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wisconsin Jr. Pre-Teen Donates Community Involvement Items

2016 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Pre-Teen, Maci Williams, donated the school supplies provided by the 2016 Wisconsin State Finalist. When Maci got them home, she actually organized them into different boxes by what they were. The bag she's holding has scissors/pencils. The box beside her she put all the glue in, along with the notebooks and books. Maci donated the supplies to Fair Park Elementary School in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Missouri Pre-Teen Donates School Supplies

2016 Miss Missouri Preteen, Abbie Mueller, donated 4 cases of school supplies to La Salle Middle School in downtown St. Louis on August 15th. La Salle tries to serve students who may not have access to education that pushes them to succeed, go to great high schools, and eventually college. Their motto is “I Am Somebody” and they make the students feel positive about themselves. Abbie toured the school’s brand new building and campus, which opens tomorrow, and spoke with the Head of School, Melissa Brickey, the principal, Phil Pusateri, and Director of Advancement, Michelle Ryan, about her NAM experience and her mentoring program Self-ValYOU. You can see Abbie’s social media posts regarding her activities this year at https://www.facebook.com/National-American-Miss-Missouri-Preteen-2016-Abbie-Mueller-1043620605731154/and on Instagram at NAM_MO_PRETEEN_2016. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Missouri Queens in July 4th Parade

Some of the Missouri Queens celebrated Independence Day in style in the Parkville Fourth of July Parade! In attendance were 2016 Miss Missouri Jr. Pre-Teen, Laci Brown, 2016 Miss Missouri Jr. Teen, Josie Rawlings, and 2016 Miss Missouri Teen, Jessica Hanner. After the parade was over, the girls could enjoy the carnival and fireworks that night. What a fun day!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Meet the 2016 Wisconsin Royalty!

2016 Miss Wisconsin Princess
Kahlan Auld
Age: 7
Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids
Hobbies: Taking selfies and playing games
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Broccoli and cheese
Ambition: To be a big pop super star

2016 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Pre-Teen
Maci Williams
Age: 9
Hometown: West Bend
Hobbies: Competitive swimming and gymnastics
Favorite Color: Sky blue
Favorite Food: Quesadillas
Ambition: To become a teacher

2016 Miss Wisconsin Pre-Teen
Lupe Begovatz
Age: 11
Hometown: Fort Atkinson
Hobbies: Photography and archery
Favorite Subject in School: Social studies
Favorite Food: Shark and bear
Ambition: To go to college and be a social worker

2016 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Teen
Lila Szyryj
Age: 14
Hometown: Madison
Hobbies: Dance and piano
Favorite Subject in School: History
Favorite Food: Sushi
Ambition: To become a medical malpractice attorney

2016 Miss Wisconsin Teen
Brielle Shortreed
Age: 17
Hometown: Pardeeville
Hobbies: Cat-fishing and teaching dance
Favorite Subject in School: Political science
Favorite Food: Chocolate-covered strawberries
Ambition: To become an orthodontist

2016 Miss Wisconsin
Emma Loney
Age: 19
Hometown: Sun Prairie
Hobbies: Volunteering, cheerleading, singing, and raising awareness for eating disorders
Favorite Subject in School: English
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Ambition: To become a pediatric nurse practitioner

2016 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl
Kennedy Ladehoff
Age: 9
Hometown: Rice Lake
Hobbies: Dance and softball
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Ambition: To be an author

2016 Miss Wisconsin Pre-Teen Cover Girl
Olivia Keiser
Age: 11
Hometown: Holcombe
Hobbies: Legos and sports
Favorite Subject in School: Art
Favorite Food: Cheese pizza
Ambition: To be a veterinarian

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

2015 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Teen, Nicole Harrington's Farewell

Hearing my name called as the 2015 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Teen was a dream come true. My journey with NAM has changed my life! I have gained life long skills and have truly grown as a person.
After I was crowned my reign immediately began by donating the books and school supplies donated by the contestants to Bernie’s Book Bank and Roosevelt Elementary School. The love that I felt from them after my donations was remarkable.
Representing Wisconsin at Nationals was a blast. I had so much fun with my sister queens and all the other state representatives. I am so happy that I now have a friend in every state! Not only did I have a spectacular time at Nationals but I also walked away with a spirit stick and the Overall Spirit Award for the Jr. Teen Division.
Throughout my reign I strived to dedicate my year to community service. I had the opportunity to volunteer for more than 15 organizations including packing food for Feed My Starving Children, speaking about my anti bullying organization, helping out at the blacklight run, riding in parades, walking the runway to raise awareness for the American Heart Association, emceeing the Uniquely You pageant and so many more. 
This year wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many people! To my family, thank you for being my number one supporters in everything I do, you guys are the best cheerleaders ever! To my sister queens BrandyLyn, Alexandria, Jillian, Ella, Tiernee, Shelby, Paige, and Jade you ladies are so spectacular. I can’t imagine spending this year with anyone else. You guys are all so unique and talented in your own ways and I am so glad to have gained all of you as great friends this year! Queens together sisters forever and I love you all.
To the NAM Team Ewing Staff, especially Breanne and Ryan, you guys are the best state directors I could have ever asked for. You are such fantastic role models and so fun to be around. I can’t thank you enough for being so amazing throughout this whole year. To my successor, cherish every moment and make the most of your reign. It truly goes by within the blink of an eye.
This may be my last week as the reigning queen but I will always be a part of the NAMily and keep it close to my heart. So, for the last time I am your 2015 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Teen,
Nicole Harrington

Saturday, August 20, 2016

2015 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Pre-Teen, Tiernee Harper's Farewell

How can I possibly put into words everything I think and, most importantly, FEEL, about my reign? Hearing my name called was like a dream, but I was awake and it was real and I could never have imagined what it was going to be like being a title holder for NAM.
My first appearance was to an elementary school to deliver the backpacks filled with books and school supplies. They took a picture, researched NAM, and put me in their school newsletter! It was fun being in several parades, particularly the Glenwood City Rustic Lore Days Parade with my Sister Queen, Shelby Hohneke. Shelby and I also went to "Hope for the Homeless," and made cardboard box homes to sleep in for a night. My charity, Tiernee's Toys from the Heart, made toy donations to "Christmas is for Kids of Dunn County," an organization that makes sure all kids in Dunn County have a wonderful Christmas. I asked for food donations in lieu of birthday gifts and donated to the local food pantry. When the cold weather hit, I donated a bunch of winter clothing to my school. Handing out trophies at the Wisconsin National Horse Pull was awesome. I was part of a group that made 250 sandwiches to feed the homeless! Nationals was beyond amazing - I was in the top 10! There's just so much to mention... 
NAM...wow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with this title. I am forever changed in a way I can't explain. Breanne, thank you for making every practice a treat at nationals. You have a way of making girls feel individually special, one of many reasons I love NAM. Julie B, thanks for always sharing a smile... you are such a warm person. To my grandmas, grandpas, Vicky, Dan, Jeff and Linda...thank you for showing up to all of my state pageants. Knowing you are there means so much. Grandma Boe - it was great to have you back at nationals this year! Aunt Nikki, where to start? Your help with all of the dances was priceless. Thank you for everything you've done for me since my very first step on stage four years ago! Mary, I've come to rely on you so much. Thank you for playing such a huge role in my success and for always knowing what to say when pep talks were needed. Mom and Dad...thank you for knowing NAM was something I should be part of - and allowing me to go for it! Sister queens...I have always begged for a sister and this past year I've had all of you! I am excited for your futures and hope we always stay in touch.
Contestants, be proud.  YOU ARE HERE, at a National American Miss pageant!  Woot woot! Take a second to realize just how BIG that is. You've put in hours of hard work to prepare and, whether you realize it or not, this experience has changed you. This is an amazing accomplishment! To my successor...CONGRATULATIONS! You have just earned the honor of representing NAM for the next unforgettable 365 days. This is the opportunity of a lifetime! Your reign will be over before you know it so get out there, make appearances, make friends, do new things, take lots of pictures. I hope you're ready for a year of wonderful.
Love, your 2015 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Pre-Teen,
Tiernee Harper

Friday, August 19, 2016

2015 Miss Wisconsin Princess, Ella Wallenfang's Farewell

I don’t even know where to begin with this amazing journey that I have been on!! After I was crowned your 2015 Miss Wisconsin Princess my first duty was to donate the school supplies that all of the amazing NAM girls donated pageant weekend. I decided to bring the supplies to local schools in my area for them to give to kids in need. I also donated some of the supplies to our local homeless shelter. I then collected books and coloring books from family and friends and took those along with the books collected pageant weekend down to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and the Ronald McDonald House.
Next I could not wait to start making appearances in my community. I was honored to help with Colton’s Water Balloon Fight, an annual event held in honor of Colton, a little boy who lost his life to childhood cancer. This event helps to raise money for Wisconsin families dealing with childhood cancer. I was also able to help with the Fox Cities Marathon Kids Fun Run as well as make appearances at Octoberfest and my community's homecoming parade. I also enjoyed volunteering with Homeless Connections and ringing the bell for The Salvation Army.
Then came nationals in California I was so excited to see my friends well as all of my Wisconsin sister queens. I had so much fun and made so many amazing friends and memories during our week there. The best part of all was coming home with my National American Miss Princess title!!!!!
First I would like to thank Steve and Kathleen for creating this amazing program for girls to gain confidence and to be comfortable being themselves. I would like to thank Breanne, Ryan and the rest of the NAM staff for all of your hard work and dedication to this program.
My sister queens I love you all and had so much fun getting to know you. Cherokee and Jordan thank you for introducing me to NAM, working so hard with me to prepare and most of all for believing in me!! Thank you Kenna for letting me borrow your lucky earrings and for being a great role model to look up too. Grammy and Isaac thank you for being there to cheer me on at state and at nationals. Last I would like to thank Mom, Dad, Nora and Allie for being there every step of the way. Finally, to my successor, enjoy every moment it will go by faster than you can imagine. You are in for an amazing journey.
Your 2015 Miss Wisconsin Princess and
2015-16 National American Miss Princess,
Ella Wallenfang

Monday, August 15, 2016

Missouri Pre-Teen Partners with My Little Sister's Keeper

On Sunday, August 14th, 2016 Miss Missouri Pre-Teen, Abbie Mueller attended and volunteered at a leadership and self-esteem mentoring program put on by My Little Sister’s Keeper. The group partners young adults and older teens with younger people to work on issues that preteens commonly deal with—positive self-esteem, pursuing goals, and becoming leaders. The group mirrors the efforts Abbie is making with her own Self-ValYOU mentoring program and encourages young women to think of themselves as “Extraordinary Girls.” Abbie was honored to be asked to serve as part of the mentoring volunteer panel to take questions from attendees about her experiences as a middle schooler and how she handles challenges to self-esteem, body image, and social issues. She looks forward to working with them again in the future and continuing to be an Extraordinary Girl!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Minnesota Queens Participate in Sparkle Night

Some of the 2016 Minnesota queens got together for the 2016 Sparkle Night at Target Field on July 26! Sparkle night goes to support the Pageant of Hope and the Gillette Children's Hospital. Pageant of Hope is a National Pageant for girls with special needs held in Minneapolis. In attendance were 2016 Miss Minnesota Pre-Teen, Mikala Peterson, 2016 Miss Minnesota Jr. Teen, Grace Myler, 2016 Miss Minnesota Teen, Maddie Helget, and 2016 Miss Minnesota Kayela Steiner.
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