Wednesday, March 3, 2010


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That's right - you read the headline correctly. National American Miss has a featured article in the March 2010 issue of Ebony Magazine with oscar nominee,Gabourey Sidibe of PRECIOUS on the cover. 

The article follows Chandlyr Davis, an  Illinois contestant, and her mom through the National American Miss experience - starting with the initial invitation letter she received in the mail(and how just like most moms, Chandylr's mom, Tandria thought "What the Heck?" upon first receiving the letter), through her winning the Top Model Competition at her state pageant to her attendance at our National Program this past Thanksgiving. 

 The 3 page article, titled POMP & CIRCUMSTANCE, continues on as it illustrates the National American Miss organization and the way it beats the stereotypes of pageants, being unlike those that you see on TV. Highlighted best in this article is that it addresses the diversity among the contestants and our participants, with Chandylr's mom best describing it in that the "contestant pool at National American Miss is very diverse, parents and girls from all walks of life, but makes both the girl and the parents feel well-rounded."

Be sure to pick up this issue of EBONY magazine to read more!

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