Sunday, March 14, 2010

Interview Competition Pays off....even when you're on the red carpet!

The goal of the National American Miss progam is to instill valuable lifelong skills like communication, interview, and public speaking. We believe that no matter what it is that you want to be when you grow up - from a doctor to a pop star - lets face it, you are going to need to know how to do these things and with the skills and practice you will learn and develop at NAM, you will be certain to succeed! 

Even celebrities and pop stars have to know how to interview well...think about all those times they are interviewed on the red carpet or make appearances on tv shows like Letterman or Ellen. 

Well, a few weeks age, numerous National American Miss girls proved this to be ever so true when they, themselves, hit the red carpet for a recent Haiti event in Los Angeles. These girls had to hone in on those skills as they were interviewed on the red carpet!! 

Check out some of these pics of some of our NAM girls being interviewed on the red carpet at a the Haiti event in Los Angeles.

Former National All - American Miss Preteen & Miss Missouri Jr. Teen, Madison Hill, discusses her performance at the event and answers hard hitting questions about Haiti

National Ameican Miss California takes a moment to pose on the red carpet before being interviewed.

National American Miss California girls sail through the red carpet interviews - they have had plenty of experience at National American Miss!

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