Monday, March 29, 2010

The NAM experience....from the contestants side!

We, here at NAM came across this video on youtube...its a video that 2 of last years NAM california contestants put together documenting their NAM pageant experience....take a look at National American Miss though the eyes of our contestants:

(**personal note - this video is soo stinking cute)

Here is the description on YouTube that went with the video:
National American Miss 2009 N. California Teen and Jr. Teen Divisions. My stepsister and I had an absolute BLAST. NAMiss is such an amazing experience and we are definitely looking forward to it for next year!! This is just a video I put together to show what an amazing time I had there. I won Talent and got $250 for it =D As well as got 3rd runner up Actress and 1st runner up Miss Personality. 

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