Monday, March 1, 2010

NAM girl honored as YOUNG HERO

NAM girl, Addison Graham, of Lakeville, MA deserves a round of applause! Addison was recently honored as an "Everyday Young Hero" by Youth Service America! Addison is an active girl who received this honor due to her environmental outreach!

Addison who is an animal lover, especially turtles. Several years ago Addison took notice of the danger they were facing, as they navigated their way over a local roadway that travels through a wetland area. She collected infomratino and submitted an application for an environmental grant to the local historical society, which she was awarded. The funds she received from the grant were used to purchase "turtle crossing" signs to aid motorists from harming the turtles. Currently she is actively working to have legislation passed to protect the local species, which is listed as endangered on the federal level, and having it named as the Massachusettes State Turtle

Way to go Addison for making a difference and standing up for what you believe in - now that is a TRUE ROCKIN NAM GIRL!

If you know someone who has improved your community and would like to nominate them for the Everyday Hero Award, visit

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