Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Launching a website - great idea for NAM girls!

Jamie Roddy(left), the National All-American Miss launched her own website. This is such a great idea for all you NAM girls to do. Its great for booking appearances, gaining press and exposure, and letting your family know what's going on with your busy title and year. ALSO -  for all you first time NAM pageant girls, its a BRILLIANT idea to help you raise sponsors - you can even link a paypal to it! And for those of you to that do community work or have started your own chairities - get a site to help generate buzz!!!

If you want to create a website - visit www.thecrowningcloset.com and click on the KNOW section to find great resources to help in your website building quest!

To get an idea of a GREAT website - visit Jamie's website today! www.jamieroddy.com

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