Monday, May 3, 2010


National American Miss holds an annual homecoming prize drawing contest each year. It's free! In any given year, if you are signed up for a National American Miss state pageant, and you have signed up with us in the past, you are automatically entered to win from a selection of great prizes. This year we had forty one prizes!! It's our way of thanking girls for their continued loyalty and involvement with the National American Miss program...and obviously generates big excitement for each years pageant!
So, each year be sure to check in with our office to be sure you are signed up nice and early, ahead of the Homecoming deadline, so you will be included in the drawing!
This NATIONWIDE Drawing has some very exciting prizes...and the winners have JUST been announced!!!! For more information on the Homecoming drawing, visit NAM HOMECOMING!

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2010 National American Miss Homecoming Drawing Winners:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER(one awarded nationwide): She wins an exclusive trip fit for a SUPERMODEL! She receives airfare for 2, hotel stay, meals provided, and a photo shoot at the annual official National American Miss National Royalty Photo Shoot in Texas. AND... a 50inch WIDESCREEN PLASMA HDTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010 winner: BELANDY GARD

1st Runners-up(2 awarded nationwide) - Each 1st Runner-up wins a Nintendo Wii
2010 winners: Kaylie Coen & Kaitlin Jeannin
2nd Runners-up(3 awarded nationwide) - Each of our 2nd Runner-up wins a Apple Ipod Touch
2010 winners: Loretta Mirando, Alexis Reeves, McKalla Sauer

3rd Runners-up (10 awarded nationwide) - Each of our 3rd Runners-up wins an Ipod Shuffle
2010 winners: Brandi Urban, Shaleigha Dawson, Mary Nguyen, Haley Flander, Lindsey Walker, Shelby Monjaras, Chelsea Brown, Tierra Anderson, Salma Hussain, Isha Jog

4th Runners-up( 25 awarded nationwide) - Each of the 4th Runner-up will win One Free Optional Contest Entry at the 2010 State Pageant
2010 winners: Alyssa Cooper, Lindsey Swann, Josephine Gamez-Reyes, Chelsea Harris, Tegan Scott, Jamie Kelley, Katherine Cobarrubias, Bethany Pfingston, Daija Lewis, Lacey Argo, Cornelia Leach, Renata Koontz, Angelica Marie Agosto, Amanda Kent, Mia Mansion, Adrianna Clingerman, Diamond Gallegos, Miranda Larson, Amanda Ruiz, Dahana Zermeno, Megan Mcknight, Jayla Asare, Tara Keuter, Chasie Burrough, Samantha Pacyga

CONGRATS GIRLS...and we look forward to seeing ALL PRIOR girls who took part in this drawing at this years state pageant!!!

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Cheramie said...

Hey my name is Cheramie Proby and I was accepted in the National American Miss state pageant and I'm proud, my family and I worked really hard and we're looking forward too seeing everyone at the pageant. THANK YOU VERY MUCH..