Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A blog you MUST MUST MUST follow....everything a NAM girl should be...with a few rough living conditions.

The saying is, "old queens never die, they just become staff." But, it takes a very special queen to do just that. Shannon Meador, 2 time former Miss Illinois is exactly that. This next year, Shannon will be taking a FULL year off from her NAMily (where she works as a TEAM MAPLES choreographer)...her family...and basically everything.

Shannon left in September to go on the biggest Missionary trip I think you can ever go on. That's right - shes traveling the world, and doing the Lords work.

While this sounds fulfilling. I haven't told you ALL of it. For the next year, Shannon will be living with 4 shorts, 5 shirts, 1 sleeping back and a few hygenic items....and thats it....FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!!!!! No phone, no ipad, no facebook...nothing. Not to mention, shes on her own (well, with a small group of people) away from all of us who know and love her most! HOW MANY OF YOU CAN DO THAT.

This is her journey on the "WORLD RACE," and doing the Lord's work international style.

Shannon had to endure a week long training camp, where World Race staff members sent her out into the middle of nowhere and observed her stamina, mentality, and emotional abilities. She survived. But, now Shannon is taking on the Phillipines (yes, in the wake of the typhoon), China, South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Bulgaria, Easter Europe, Serbia, Nicaragua, Hondurus, Guatemala. While she's in these places, she will be serving at the feeding programs, teaching kids in church, helping at kids clubs, speaking at youth groups, helping at a youth drop center, prayer walks and house visitations, mural projects, general practical help with buildings and repairs, working with creative arts programs, and community cleaning. She will face sickness, devastation, and disaster on a daily basis. And, lets not forget the language barrier she'll endure. This isn't a short term, fun, life-changing missionary trip. This will be her LIFE, her job, for the next year.

Every once in a while, when her team of Missionaries is an area where there is a wifi computer shop, she logs on to blog about her journey. Log on to and see if you have what it takes to be "everything a NAM girl should be....with a few rough living conditions." Do you have what it takes to go on the WORLD RACE....I'll be honest and say I don't...I like my slanket too much =)

Follow Shannon's WORLD RACE at: http://shannonmeador.theworldrace.org

This journey is sooo inpirational.....a blog you MUST follow!

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