Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Minnesota Princess shares the year with her mom....another Minnesota Titleholder

Minnesota Princess, Chloe Russo, Wendi Russo, ShopNBC, Breanne Maples,  Lani Maples,  NAM, NAmiss,  ronald mcdonald house, mom.comSome girls dream of growing up to become a "beauty queen." Some girls dream of growing to become a "mommy." For Wendi Russo....both came true. Wendi Russo who you may be familiar with as the on air host for ShopNBC, has been competing in pageants for the past few years and is currently a Mrs. Minnesota titleholder for a Mrs. pageant organization. So, it was no wonder that her daughter, Chloe would want to follow in mommy's footsteps!

Chloe, whose a spunky tot, choose the National American Miss Minnesota pageant as her first pageant experience, and captured the judges hearts by taking home the title of 2011 Miss MInnesota Princess.

Now Mom and Daughter are having a year of a lifetime, both traveling and making appearances together - becoming the ulitmate faces for mommy and me organizations and giving back across the country changing lives of girls of ALL ages!

Check out some of the stuff that the Russo girls have been up to.
Being featured and special guests at a mom.com event in minneapolis

Donating Books from the NAM community involvement competition to Marias Readindeedforkids.org. Maria is a 10 year old girl who has a goal of distributing 1 million book by the age of 18.

Selling raffle tickets, helping host, and making a special guest appearance at the Emerson Golfing fundraiser to benefit the Ronald McDonald House
Chloe hosted a local community, charity pageant and Wendi took part as judge

Both mom and daughter struted the catwalk, modeling for Mainstream Boutique at the Rudabega Festival in Wisconsin

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