Monday, October 24, 2011

What REALLY happens with those books and bears you donate?? brought 1 or maybe even 50 childrens books & stuffed animals to your state pageant this year. And for doing so, you received 10% of your score, covering the Required Community Involvement portion of the pageant competion.

BUT....what happens AFTER you drop of your books & bears at pageant check-in & get your 10% towards your score?

Well, like we told you - the newly crowned state titleholders will take ALL YOUR donations and choose a children's charity of their choice. They donate the books and bears that YOU brought to pageant to that organization and volunteer with them throughout the year of their reign as National American Miss. Together, WE make a difference.

But, to see it all in action - check out this TOTALLY AWESOME video of Jordan George, Miss Iowa Preteen Cover Girl making YOUR donations and REPRESENTING YOU!

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