Friday, December 16, 2011

National American Miss Rehearsals

I love being an Associate State Director for National American Miss, but before I wore that hat, I wore the hat of choreographer.

I loved traveling from state to state working closely with the girls in rehearsals and backstage and I totally miss it! But, every year at our National event, I get to dust off my old choreographer hat and put it back on.

This year, I got to work closely with the Princess and Jr. Pre-Teens Queen and All-Americans. I know that if you were at Nationals as a Princess or Jr. Pre-Teen or one of their family, I think you will all agree - WE HAD SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!

Anyways, I found this cute video that one of our moms took during our Jr. Pre-Teen Queen rehearsal on Red, White, & Blue day (yes, our rehearsals are EVEN themed!)

Thought I would share....and to all you precious Princess and Jr. Pre-Teens who were at NAM: Nationals 2011 - I'm so proud of each of you and had such fun with all of your spunky sassy faces! XOXOXOX - Miss Breanne

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