Thursday, January 26, 2012

National American Miss Talent Contest

Does National American Miss have a talent competition? Yes...but it's totally optional, you do not have to do it, and it has nothing to do with who wins their state title.

But, it's during this Optional Competition that I see some amazing things. I can honestly say that I have seen literally EVERYTHING during our Optional Talent Competition. From tap, jazz, musical instruments, cultural dances, hip-hop, crunking, hula-hooping, hula-ing, limboing, limboing while on rollerblades....I mean....seriously everything! And I am constantly wowed and impressed by the super cool talents girls across the country posses. So many of our girls have gone on to American Idol & Broadway and we are soo proud that they took to the NAM stage on their journey.

Anyways, just came across this youtube of one of our contestants here at National American Miss performing her talent on-stage at last year's Illinois Pageant and thought I would share. Also, this is a great example of a good talent for our older divisions - there is difficulty, a strong performance level (look at her confidence,smile and facial expressions), an appropriate costume, it's entertaining, unique, and memorable.

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