Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A timeline from dad's eyes....


June 2011 - Peyton Newman, a 9 year old from Vernon Hills, Illinois receives an invitation to attend an Open Call.

June 2011 - Peyton's dad, Terry, being a bit skeptical signs her up anyways for the Open Call before discussing it with her mom. Mom is not happy with Dad.

June 2011 - Peyton's mom, Michelle, is skeptical of what all this "Open Call pageant thing would be about. " So, Peyton's mom, Michelle calls another mom - Joey Pearlman. Joey, is the mom of Lindsey, Peyton's friend who has recommended Peyton to National American Miss and has done the National American Miss pageant in the past. Joey & Lindsey tell Peyton and her parents - DO IT! IT'S AWESOME!

July 2011 - Peyton attends the Open Call with her mom and dad, and is selected as a state finalist. Peyton's mom and dad are impressed with National American Miss.

August 2011 - Peyton attends the Free Pageant Prep Training Session that National American Miss offered and Peyton keeps practicing everything she learns.

September 2011 - Pageant time is here. Peyton has the time of her life and enjoys meeting
new friends at her state pageant. Peyton's dad loves escorting her on-stage during the Formal Wear Competition and bonding with his daughter. Peyton's mom loves watching her daughter get up on stage with such confidence. Peyton's brothers like all the pretty girls. Peyton even wins the pageant and becomes the National American Miss Illinois Jr. Pre-Teen. Peyton and her family can't believe it!

November 2011 - Peyton and her formally skeptical parents , and excited 2 brothers head to Nationals in Anaheim, CA. Peyton wins the NATIONAL PAGEANT. Peyton is the 2011-2012 National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen. Peyton will travel the next year across the country making appearances, modeling, and reaching out to others while working on her literacy campaign. You see, Peyton is like all little girls - she has big dreams.

January 2012 - Peyton's dad, Terry, sends me, Breanne Maples - Associate State Director, this message:
It's Peyton's dad, Terry. This whole NAM thing rocks! I was fairly skeptical at first, as you might remember, but truly appreciate what the "crown" enables these girls to do. You know, you can either be a queen and simply be pretty or use it to open doors and really make a difference. In addition to volunteering, Peyton has already raised another 1,000+ books for her literacy campaign as well. This is amazing. She will touch the lives of children she will never know. How cool is that? Hope all is well and Happy New Year.

Today and Everyday - National American Miss is honored & humbled.

*Thanks for sharing your excitement, Mr. Newman!

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