Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Miss Nebraska Jr. Pre-Teen will never forget this year...

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Thank you National American Miss for the opportunity you give girls to learn, to grow, and to express themselves, believe in themselves, and become the best they can be. Thank you for an incredible year as the 2011 Miss NE Jr Pre Teen Queen!

I was still on cloud 9 from being chosen by the other girls for Miss Personality. It was so nice of them to choose me for such an honorable award!! Then the most amazing thing happened -- they called MY name to be reigning Queen for 2011 National American Miss Nebraska Jr Pre Teen. It was so awesome!!! I could hardly breathe!!!

That was just an incredible start to my amazing adventure as Miss NE Jr Pre Teen Queen, a year I will never forget. I spent much of my time doing parades and special events with my sister Queens AND my favorite otter, JOSH, promoting water safety. I also enjoyed giving back to my community through many events like Kids Against Hunger, Belmont Clean Up, the Princes

s Fashion Show for kids at the City Mission and Friendship Home, and Cure for Cancer events...just to name a few. All my time volunteering inspired me to begin creating my own organization called KIDZ Power, where we match organizations that need volunteers with kids that want to volunteer their time. We have a lot of fun doing it!

The highlight of my year has to be Nationals. I had the best time ever!! I met so many amazing girls and made many new friends that I will never forget. Hi Miss Georgia - I miss you!! Every day was another adventure and it was all so great! And of course Disneyland was tops with me! My favorite rehearsal was crazy hair day. I actually wore Josh the Otter in my hair!

Pageant Prep was another great time for me. I enjoyed meeting all the contestants for the 2012 National American Miss Nebraska pageant. It was so fun helping you all learn about pretty feet and how NOT to do an interview (and of course the right way to interview). As you begin your journey at state pageant, just like I did a very short year ago, remember to SMILE, be yourself, and always remember - You are Great!

To the next National American Miss Nebraska Jr Pre Teen Queen: YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! You will have other girls looking up to you as their role model (so, as your mom will keep reminding you, be on your best behavior). Take it all in, give back all that you get and ENJOY!

angel strong,  miss nebraska,  a scam,  pageants,  National American Miss,  jr. pre-teen, Breanne Maples,  Josh the otter, float 4 life,

I would like to thank some very special people. Thank you to Ken and Lani, you encourage girls like me to believe in themselves and I love your hugs too! Breanne, you make me so happy when I see you, I just love you! Ryan and Phil...thank you for making open calls and pageant preps extra fun!! I am thankful for the entire team at National American Miss for all your hard work to make my year and thousands of other girls’ year - magical. I am so grateful to my family; the best ever - Mom and Dad, my great sisters, Rheyan & Dyan, my little brother in heaven, RJ, who watches over me, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Alesia and Uncle Lynn, and Aunt Cammi and Phalin. I appreciate all your love and support. Thank you Emma, Tracey, and my Aunt Tessie for bringing out the best in me. Thank you Blake and Kathy for all your support and letting me share JOSH the Otter with my sister Queens through your generous donation of Josh the Otter stuffed toys! They loved them!

I will never forget this amazing experience and will always be your 2011 National American Miss NE Jr Pre Teen Queen.

All my love, Angel Strong


Connie Burleigh said...

I had a great time too Angel!! Thank you for taking me with you on your adventure! Love Grandma

angel said...

i love u angel u r super nice and friendly!