Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Miss Nebraska Pageant 2012 Makes HUGE headlines

The first pageant of the year is over. What a GREAT weekend we had with all 387 of you beautiful state finalists and your families. Our staff loved getting to know you, watching you shine on stage, and we were honored to be a part of your journey in becoming a more confident young woman. As NAM continues to head down the path of becoming the "leader in the natural pageant movement," it seems to be grabbing the attention of the press and media. This weekend was no exception, as the largest newspaper in Nebraska took a keen interest in our program, even following one of our state finalist around. Check out what the OMAHA WORLD HERALD had to say about NAM, in its front page article in today's Living section, titled "Pageant lets Omaha Teen be 'proud of who she is'

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Anonymous said...

Hi! This makes me so excited for my state pageant and really proves how powerful NAM is. I <3 NAM! I had a quick question...I some pictures of people getting medals at the NAM Nebraska pageant. What are they for and why do you get them?