Friday, April 13, 2012

Miss Arizona has goals of becoming a broadcast journalist - sister queen helps her get there

When our National American Miss Arizona, Nicole Burdick, who is a student at ASU and has aspirations of becoming a broadcast journalist, was recently given a unique broadcasting assignment, she asked for the help of one of her sister queens. Nicole, who was given an assignment by her professor to complete "a film personality profile" story, just like a real journalist...she immediately thought of the biggest personality she knew - her sister queen, Miss Arizona Jr. Pre-Teen, Amber Cochran. For this story, Nicole took a look into Amber's pageant experience and why the NAM system defeats the stereotypes of pageants. Check out Nicole's project below...oh, and she got an A+ on it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Breanne!

I had a quick question...I some pictures of people getting medals at the NAM Nebraska pageant. What are they for and why do you get them?


Tina said...

Love the post about Nicole Burdick and Amber Cochran. It reinforces all of the reasons we love NAM! Can't wait to see you all in June!
Tina and Veronica Bauler

Anonymous said...

Great job, Nicole!!! They are both amazing queens and I'm honored to be a part of the Arizona NAMily!!!