Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miss Iowa Princess 2011, Tanae Thiravong wishes the year could last forever

I wish this year could last forever! I was completely shocked and excited when I was crowned your 2011 Miss Iowa Princess Queen. Last year was my second year of competing in the Princess Division, the first year I did not place so I went home and worked all year! I was so happy all my preparation and determination to reach this goal had paid off. From the moment I was crowned I knew I would never be the same! This year has been full of firsts for me! I traveled out of state for the first time as visiting royalty for the Illinois NAM pageant. I also took my first plane ride when I traveled to California to represent Iowa at Nationals. As Miss Iowa, I took advantage of every opportunity available to a small town girl. I volunteered for many community projects such as Restoration Days, the Albia Chamber of Commerce, the Monroe County Fair, and the Ministerial Associations Salvation Army bell ringing effort. I spent my summer volunteering at Albia’s Helping Hands food and clothing pantry. I also traveled to Cedar Rapids to visit and read with children at Heart of Iowa, an addictions rehabilitation facility for mothers and their children. Volunteering has really helped me grow into a young lady and realize how fortunate I am. I also had tons of fun making appearances at the Republican Straw Poll, meeting state politicians, and riding in parades. During the last year I have met so many wonderful girls from across our nation and have made memories that will truly last a lifetime! I want to thank my mom who has been by my side through it all! Thanks for all you give to me so I can live my dreams. Thank you to Papa, Grandma, Dad, Tyler, and Tein who always support me, cheer me on, and believe in me! To all the NAM staff, thank you for making this year the best of my life. Breanne, you totally rock and thanks for supporting and encouraging me this year! To my sister Queens; Jenny, Abi, Jordan, Merrill, and Anna…I love you all and you all are truly amazing and beautiful young ladies. Good luck in all you do! To every girl out there chasing a dream…GO FOR IT! With determination and hard work anything is possible! Finally, to my successor…take a deep breath and TAKE IT ALL IN! Live and enjoy every day of your reign as the year goes by so fast!!

 Hugs and Crowns, Your 2011 Miss Iowa Princess Queen Tanae Souksavan Thiravong

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