Monday, September 3, 2012

An Amazing Year for our 2011 Minnesota Princess, Chloe Russo....

Last year, hearing my name called as Miss Minnesota Princess was a moment I will never forget and everyday since has been really special! I've made so many new friends, rode in parades, helped raise money for children's cancer, played BINGO with my new senior friends, and performed my talent for Make-a-Wish and for a Polar Bear fundraiser.
Going to the National Pageant in CA was so amazing--my favorite part was walking the red carpet at the award ceremony--where I was honored to place1st runner up for my Talent & Volunteer service, 3rd runner up for my Thank you note and 2nd runner up for scrapbook.
Disney Day with my daddy was so fun even though it was pouring rain and the beach was the best part!  I found a sand dollar, clam shells and lots of seafood that was really living--it was like a seafood buffet!
Placing top 10 was so exciting!  My mom was really proud of me and I saw her in the audience screaming and smiling.  It was the funnest day of my life.  When I placed first runner up in talent, i felt amazing!  I had fun singing and tap dancing to my favorite song, I want a Hippoppatamus for Christmas. Seeing the judges smiling,  I felt like doing the dance 20,000 times! 

The best part of my year was meeting all kinds of new people. At Wishes and More, I played with a new friend I met there- she has cancer and wore a pretty bonnet since she doesn't have any hair--to me, she is special and a beautiful princess. 
My year was even more special because of the charities I helped. I am proud to have raised over $1600 for kids with cancer by selling pink lemonade and pink cupcakes at my lemonade stand

Making the kids smile from their beds at the Children's Hospitals byperforming my talent on their TV show at Christmas was so funAt theRonald McDonald house, I helped kids make necklaces and loved seeing them dancing while wearing my crown and banner.  It made me happy to see the smiles on their faces.   I also donated books to Maura's book drive,brought stuffed animals to Sharing and Caring hands & the Prop shop, Modeled for the Junior League, and had a blast singing Christmas carols while ringing the bell for the Salvation Army at the mall.
It was amazing spending time with my sister queens Jackie, Abby, Alyssa & Haley at the parades.  You all hold a special place in my heart- and Jackie, I will miss you most of all-- you are the best-- so kind and nice and everything I imagined a sister queen to be!
Thank you to Breanne and Lani Maples for giving me this incredible opportunity to represent the little girls of Minnesota this year--and for giving me a spirit stick at Nationals!
Daddy, Thank you for taking me to Nationals- even though it was hard for you to figure out which clothes I needed to wear--I love you so much!
Mama, you've been the nicest mom I've ever had, you stoned all of my clothes, even when you were exhausted--I love you!
Michelle,  Thank you for believing in me, and being the best aunt--oh ya...Booshka!  Jessica, thank you for helping me pretty things up and being my friend.  And to all the contestants--- keep believing --  A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep- Have faith in your dreams and someday, the dream that you wish will come true!
Love your Pinkalicious Minnesota Princess, 

Chloe Russo

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