Saturday, September 1, 2012

Farewell to Minnesota Teen!

Tommy Lasorda once said, “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination”. Throughout my 10 years of participating with NAM, I have definitely learned the importance of determination and what it means to accomplish a dream.  Being crowned the 2011-2012 NAM Minnesota Teen was the most unforgettable and surreal moment of my life.  This title not only brought promotion of NAM’s mission to develop confidence in young women through parades and open calls, but an unique opportunity to serve and impact others through volunteering at numerous charitable organizations.

Nationals in California was another unforgettable memory! I was so blessed to receive 1st runner-up in the National Talent competition and 2nd runner-up in the National Spokesmodel competition. Yes, touring the streets of Hollywood and Disneyland were definite highlights of my reign, but, it was the confidence and friends that I gained throughout participation in NAM that will truly last a lifetime.

Thank you, Ken, Lani, Breanne, and NAM, for this incredible experience and for inspiring me to keep on keeping on and offering opportunities to build poise and confidence throughout the years. Thank you, Mom, Dad, and my grandparents for your loving support and encouragement. Thank you to my brothers, Jonathan and David, for being the best escorts, fans, and comics that I could have ever asked for. I could not have made it without each of you!  To my sister queens, I cannot express how truly blessed I was to share my wonderful experiences with all of you this year! I love you all!

To all of the incredible, beautiful girls…I want you to always know that no dream is ever too big and no goal will ever be accomplished without dedication, perseverance and determination…it is there you will find success.  Remember to always let your true beauty shine through your personality. And finally, to my successor, hold on to every second of your year and embrace each moment, for this will be a year of a lifetime.

I will always be deeply grateful for the privilege of representing Minnesota, but most of all, I will remember that success comes with perseverance, determination, confidence, and believing that no dream is ever too big. Although my reign is coming to an end, I will always remember that every goodbye makes the next hello a little closer.

I am your 2011-2012 Miss Minnesota Teen,

Alyssa Joy Laansma

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