Sunday, September 2, 2012

Looking back on her very first pageant is Miss Missouri Princess 2011, Khloe Monthei...

Wow!  Time has gone way too fast!  My year as Miss Missouri Princess 2011/2012 has been so amazing I don’t even know where to begin.  

I had never competed in a pageant before NAM but always wanted to try.  At the time my mommy would agree that I was a shy kinda girl.  At the open call I started to cry during the meeting and wanted to leave.  Thankfully mom said, “if after this meeting you don’t want to do the pageant you don’t have to but we will finish this meeting.”  

Throughout the meeting, Miss Breanne made me feel so comfortable and I left excited to compete in my very 1st competition ever.  Just the hard work I put into preparing for the pageant started building my confidence.  By pageant time I was so excited and ready.  My Dad and Mom just kept telling me to have fun and do my best.  Needless to say I was so surprised when they called my name as Miss Missouri Princess.  

Along with  my title I won the Casualwear Competition, the Spirit award and other awards.  As Miss Missouri Princess I went on to win the national actress title, 1st runner up at Nationals, the national spirit award and spirit stick, the national essay award and other national awards.  Best of all I met some new friends that I will NEVER forget! (LOVE YOU BRYLEE KATE)  

NAM opened my eyes to helping those around me in a big way.  I partnered with Convoy of Hope to volunteer at Hands Of Hope, donated books and bears to the Ronald McDonald House, volunteered in Joplin sorting clothes for tornado victims and my brother and I made and sold potholders and raised over $300 which we split between the Ronald McDonald House and Children’s Miracle Network.  I also raised over $130 in honor of my little buddy Addison Ellis at Relay for Life.  Thanks to Memphis Sherman, I won the Little People Helping Little People Award!  To top it all off I got to meet the Governor of Missouri, throw the 1st pitch at the Springfield Cardinals game and talk on our local radio station.  

I definitely wouldn’t be where I am without the love and support from my family, friends and my NAMily!  I have learned so much this last year and I will be giving my crown up a completely different girl than I was a year ago. I am confident!!! 

 My mom thought we should get my sash cleaned because it IS a pretty dirty!!!  But then we realized that it is a symbol of how hard I have worked and all of the cool things I got to do in that sash.  So my advice to the next Miss Missouri Princess is this: don’t let your sash stay clean and pretty.  Work your hardest in it by becoming a life changer!  Don’t let it become a decoration in your room.  Make every moment count and in the end, your life will truly be changed!

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