Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Madison Shead, Miss Missouri Pre-Teen Reflects on her Year.

This year has been nothing short of amazing! Being Miss Missouri Pre-Teen was an experience of a lifetime and I cherished every moment.  As I look back over my year it’s hard to believe it’s almost over. 

 During my reign I was able to work with many outstanding charities.  I donated a portion of my title winnings to the Clare Blasé Foundation; Clare is my friend who is suffering from cancer.  She provides toys and games to the children who are undergoing chemotherapy.  

Shortly after I was crowned, one of the most devastating tornados in history touched down in Joplin, MO.  My Sister Queens and I had the opportunity to volunteer and assist in their recovery efforts by donating water, sorting clothes and providing comforting words to the families impacted by this devastating event.  I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House, providing meals for families whose children were in the hospital.  I spent countless hours conducting a clothing drive for Refresh, an organization that provides clothing to kids in foster care.  

During my reign I had the opportunity to perform my state winning talent for the Kirkwood Community Center and North Point Church in Springfield, MO.  What an incredible blessing to be able to share my gifts with others.  Not only was I able to give, but I was also on the receiving end when I volunteered to be a buddy for the Miss Amazing Pageant.  The Miss Amazing Pageant is a pageant system that gives the whole “pageant experience” to girls with special needs. It was such a blessing spending the day with these “Amazing Girls”. These girls were such an inspiration to me.  Although I spent a lot of time working with charities, I also spent time with my Sister Queens.  We all met in Jefferson City, MO and met the Governor of our great state.  We also participated in my hometown parade during the Green Tree Festival, where I was asked to be the official judge of our annual Dog Show.  What an honor!

                  During this year, I was so fortunate to be able to travel to visit other pageants.  During these trips, I made a ton of new friends, Brittany (WI), Merrill (IA), and Allie (KS), just to name a few. This was very helpful when we all hit the road on our way to Nationals.  

                Nationals was a journey I will never forget.  Even though I didn’t win the national title, I had a blast and did win lots of awards and prizes, such as 3rd Runner up for the National Spokes Model competition. From our trip to Disneyland to the Hollywood tours, it was unbelievable.  The best part was making memories and friendships that will last forever!   To Steve & Kathleen, all the judges and the wonderful NAM staff – Thank you for this amazing opportunity! 

                         To Lani and Breanne, thank you for supporting me and making me feel like family.  To my Sister Queens, Kloey, Ashley, Faith, Sammi, Rachel, Waneka, Jamie, and Madison B. – I am so lucky to have you 8 amazing girls as Sister Queens!  I couldn’t have done it without my heavenly father. He gives me the strength and guidance, unconditional love and grace to make it through every day. I wouldn’t have made it without the continual love and support from my family either. My Mom, my friend, my stylist, my photographer, my coach, I would not be the person I am today without you. I credit every accomplishment to you and Dad.  You two continue to support me and my dreams…no matter how expensive it may get! Thank you for letting me carve my own path instead of insisting I follow yours. You two really are the best parents I could ever ask for!  To Clarke- my beautiful sister. I am so proud of you are my right hand. You are always there for me, thank you. I love you so much! To my Grandma Joyce, thank you for all the countless nights on SKYPE watching me practice, over and over and over again.  To the rest of my family, you are all my biggest fans; you never miss a beat, or a picture. You all have loved and supported me, and I wouldn’t have made it this far without each and everyone of you. I love you all so much.   

           To my successor, get ready for the ride of you life!  I am so grateful for this past year because it is helped mold me and given me the extra confidence to make a difference.  Although I am saying farewell, I am excited about the future. I am dedicated to making an impact and a difference in this world and in the lives of others.  

 Signing off as your Miss Missouri Pre-Teen 2011, I am Madison Shead.

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