Friday, January 18, 2013

Former NAM Girl Continues to Inspire Others Through her Heartfelt Work

Jordan Somer, National American Miss

NAM Girls amongst many, many others, have been inspired in recent years by Jordan Somer. Jordan has been a state finalist, a queen, and a loyal member of our National American Miss family for years, and we were exceptionally proud of her when we got word of her idea to incorporate the Miss Amazing Pageant in 2007.  

We certainly weren’t the only ones to catch word of Jordan’s unwavering commitment to giving back to a community that gave her so many skills growing up. While her NAMily (as we like to call it) and others from the National American Miss community were eager to help her support her noteworthy cause, so was another significant organization. 

Nickelodeon heard of Jordan’s outstanding commitment to better her community and awarded her with Teen Nick’s HALO award, an award notorious for recognizing deserving teens that are philanthropic leaders in their communities. 

Jordan Somer, National American Miss
As part of Nickelodeon’s TeenNick Halo awards, TV star and rapper Nick Cannon also recognized Jordan for her work with the Miss Amazing Pageant at her school and she was awarded a sizeable scholarship to help make sure she could continue with her heartfelt efforts to better her community in the future—and she has done just that.

While this all took place a mere two years ago, Jordan has continued to flourish and follow her passion through her work with The Miss Amazing Organization. What started out as a pageant, held in one state, with 30 participants, has become much, much more. To date, the Miss Amazing pageant has raised over $50,000 and 750 pounds of food for the Nebraska community. The mission is now spreading nationwide with 11 state pageants being held spring/ summer of 2012.

You can help Miss Amazing Pageant continue to spread the love of a former NAM girl and help empower these beautiful people. The Miss Amazing Pageant is always looking for buddy volunteers to be a part of this amazing experience for their contestants. You can find information on how to be a part of the Miss Amazing organization (through volunteering your time as an escort, or as a buddy) on their website, by clicking the link below. Clicking on the link below allows you to register to become a buddy and/or mentor for some of the most amazing ladies. Volunteers will become not only contestants’ buddies for the pageant, but also their heartfelt friends. The experience is sure to provide both volunteers and contestants with wonderful memories for years to come.

Girls like Jordan truly embody the spirit of what National American Miss is all about, and we can continue to admire and support Jordan by following in her footsteps and volunteering our time to help fulfill her heartfelt dream. For more information on how you can be a part of the Miss Amazing volunteer experience, visit the official Miss Amazing Organization website by clicking on the link below:

The Official Miss Amazing Organization Website

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