Sunday, January 13, 2013

Former NAM Girls Compete at Miss America!

Our National Royalty took their first trip together to watch Miss America in Las Vegas, Nevada last night.  What do the girls pictured above have in common with the two Miss America finalists below? They’re all NAM girls! The two Miss America contestants pictured below were also former National American Miss contestants and they were both were named in the top ten last night, one even took home the title of first runner up to Miss America herself! 

Mandy Schendel, Miss Washington was a former NAM girl named in the top ten last night. The second was Ali Rogers, from South Carolina, who was named first runner up to Miss America last night. Congratulations to these two, and--to our current NAM girls who knows—one day, that may be YOU on stage at Miss America!!

Miss Washington and former NAM girl, Mandy Schendel
Top Ten at Miss America 


Miss South Carolina, former NAM girl, Ali Rogers
First Runner-up at Miss America

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