Friday, January 11, 2013

Reigning National American Miss Follows her Fashion-filled Dreams

In the spirit of the New Year, I have been on a bit of a following-your-dreams-kick, and I couldn’t find a better individual to embody this concept than your reigning National American Miss, Hoang-Kim Cung.

This fabulous young lady has many dreams and aspirations, from hosting her own fashion television talk show to becoming a morning news anchor for a national news network. She recently started her own fashion blog in hopes of developing a powerful personal brand—a great accomplishment at a young age. Ever since she was young, Hoang-Kim has always loved fashion and beautiful designs. Believing that fashion is truly one of the most powerful art forms, she has used fashion to show the world who she is and who she’d like to be.

Because she believes fashion to be a form of architecture, movement, and design all in one, this NAM Fashionista, and national reigning queen recently decided to develop her own personal fashion blog and hopes to develop her own personal brand by doing so. The site is called Color and Chic, which perfectly describes her views about incorporating color in a wardrobe. She also has dreams of being a morning news anchor for a national news network, but that doesn't mean she’ll be confined to wearing banal colors like black or navy. This fashionista loves color and its countless possibilities.

In addition to following her journalism dreams, she hopes to one day be a successful fashion blogger with the power to inspire young women to take risks in fashion, explore new styles, and make a daring statement. Hopefully, her new blog, along with her travels this year, will allow her to open many doors in the future, including the possibility of one day becoming a fashion reporter Women's Wear Daily, Vogue, Bazaar, or even her own television show. She would use this show to talk about fashion where and discuss different wardrobe pairings and how an individual can mix and match different pieces. The careers in the fashion industry are endless, so she wouldn't mind being a fashion stylist or wardrobe consultant either.

Hoang-Kim believes fashion is a way we can show the world who we are and those of us here at National American miss can’t wait to be a part of this fabulous and fashionable representative’s journey this year. Check out her awesome new fashion blog by following the link below, and watch as she fulfills one more of her dreams this year in 2013!

Follow Hoang-Kim on her fashion journey by clicking the link below, or follow her through her fun-filled year as your reigning National American Miss by following her on her official social media sites listed in the photo above!

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