Monday, February 4, 2013

NAM Wisconsin Pre-teen Queen Gives Back to her Milwaukee Community

The reigning National American Miss Wisconsin Pre-teen Queen, Evelyn Kraklow, has been busy giving back to her Milwaukee community. Evelyn has been spending her time volunteering at the AGAPE Center in Milwaukee.

The AGAPE Center is a leading non-profit organization has been serving the northwest side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Agape Community Center’s mission states: “: In the spirit of compassion and social justice, Agape Community Center is committed to building community with Northwest Milwaukee neighborhoods so everyone can thrive.”

The Agape Center offers many services including community meal programs, child and family development programs, and several other supportive services to local residents.

Evelyn Kraklow has been helping this long-standing community center to achieve their mission, by serving meals to the needy. Evelyn has become a whiz at serving her community, serving meals to over 100 people in just under an hour! 

NAM Pre-teen Evelyn Kraklow Gives Back to her Milwaukee Community

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