Friday, May 3, 2013

Utah State Finalist, Lillian Thorup, Inspires her Local Community to Sponsor her through heartfelt Online Video

Just like many six year olds her age, Lillian Thorup loves using her imagination and playing with her little sister and her friends. She also adores animals and even Lillian will tell you herself about her dreams of becoming an “animal doctor” someday! Aside from being so stinking adorable, Lillian was also recently selected as a state finalist for this year’s National American Miss Utah pageant. What an accomplishment at such a young age! Now, she’s working hard to raise sponsorship support from her community, and who could resist this heartfelt video she made to tell you all about it? We sure couldn't!  So--we had to share it with you! Let Lillian herself tell you why she wants to do National American Miss, by clicking the link below:

Lillian Thorup-National American Miss Sponsorship Request Video

Lillian hopes that you can help support her by donating towards her sponsorship fees. Doing so will allow her the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of National American Miss! Why donate? Lillian hopes that you will help her to participate in National American Miss, so she can partake in a wonderful opportunity to build valuable communication skills and many other life skills that she can take with her for years to come. She knows that this is an experience that will surely open doors for her in the future, not to mention, one that will look great on her resume someday, (Smart girl!).

What makes today such a great day to help Lillian with a sponsorship gift? Today is Lillian Thorup’s 6th birthday! Help make sure one of her biggest wishes comes true, and become one of her sponsors for the 2013 National American Miss Utah pageant!

If you’re interested in donating towards Lillian’s pageant sponsorship, please contact Jacob Thorup at or 801-347-4059.

Congratulations again to Lillian for being selected as a state finalist for the National American Miss Utah pageant, those of us at National American Miss can’t wait to see how she shines on pageant weekend!

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