Thursday, March 19, 2015

Missouri Open Calls start this weekend! There are some girls out there that are worried they can't win since they don't have any experience. It's time you meet Erris Pierson. Erris had never competed in National American Miss before attending an Open Call in Kansas City, MO. After attending the Open Call, Erris decided to compete in the 2014 Missouri pageant, where she placed 3rd Runner-Up to the Pre-Teen title. This qualified her for the Nationals and she gladly accepted the challenge. She attended and took home the All-American Pre-Teen title! Great job Erris!!!
Erris started at National American Miss and so can you!  Make sure your friends know all about this great opportunity! Forgot to recommend a friend? Call our office today to make sure she doesn't miss out! (816) 407-9806

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Aimee Patience said...

Go Erris! Got to meet your momma and sister at Children's Mercy the other night! Awesome family!