Thursday, April 23, 2015

2014 Iowa Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl, Addison Opheim Says Farewell

Hi Everyone, I'm Addison Opheim, my friends call me Addi, you can too! I'm your Iowa Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl and National Cover Model. It's been so much fun this past year with my fellow sisters. When we got home there was a welcome and congratulations party in my school. The next year would fly by.
When I got back I got to donate hats and mittens to all the children who would go through the school year with out. We also collected goods for our soldiers and did an "Operation Sweetness." I got to show them my crown and banner and tell them about my journey.
I got to ride in many parades throughout my area. One of them was The Veterans Day Parade in Spencer Iowa. My sister queens joined us for the day at the fair and we all went to a concert.  
Starting in the fall I did more fundraisers and gathered more goods to donate. My brother Aidyn and I worked at our fairground where we packages meals in bags to send to Honduras. We were the youngest kids who helped out. We also volunteered at the Midnight Dash in Ames where we handed out Popsicles to all the runners. 
Next my journey was to head to Nationals. My brother Aidyn, my mommy and daddy came with me. Boy were those two weeks a blast! It was a lot of hard work but we also go to play. I got to meet so many girls from all over the United States. When your a small town country girl this was a big journey to the big city! My mom always tells me "no matter what your dream is you can achieve anything as long as you believe princess! Because I believe in you" my mommy told me over and over my hard work paid off. I won the National Cover Model! 
As my year ends I've had so much fun and so many fun memories that will last a lifetime. Always be who you are and dream to the stars! Thanks to my family, friends, and my parents for allowing me to dream big!

Love Addi
2014 Iowa Jr Preteen Covergirl
2014 National Jr Preteen Cover Model

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