Tuesday, May 12, 2015


We are ending our Open Call season with Wisconsin Open Calls and the National Jr. Pre-Teen queen will be visiting a few sessions! Some people get so discouraged when they don't win their first time competing, but that didn't stop Tatum Pearlman! Tatum started with National American Miss in 2009 as a Princess after her sister had previously competed. While Tatum really enjoyed herself, she didn't win the Illinois Princess title until her 3rd year. Tatum attended nationals that year, but didn't place, so it was time to move onto the Jr. Pre-Teen division. After competing again, Tatum took home the 2014 Illinois Jr. Pre-Teen title, and went onto to take the 2014-2015 National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen title. Tatum really shows hard work pays off! Enjoy this video from just after she took the national title.

Tatum started at National American Miss and so can you! Make sure your friends know all about this great opportunity! Forgot to recommend a friend? Call our office today to make sure she doesn't miss out! (816) 407-9806

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