Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2014 Nevada Jr. Teen, Kailyn Domingo's Farewell

I cannot exaggerate just how many times I've truly tried to write this farewell. Between not knowing what to say and getting teary eyed from writing; it’s been incredibly hard. I could start from the beginning but that will only mean this will never end...
Once I was crowned the 2014 Miss Nevada Jr. Teen my goal was to represent Nevada and do everything I possibly could. I started off by being reigning royalty in Arizona..
From that weekend I became one busy bee I then was apart of several walks, volunteered at a farm, created disaster relief kits and Coordinated my very first blood drive.
As Nationals came closer I made sure to have bonding time with my sister queens. I believe we all became sister queens only because no mother could handle us all under one roof. Not only did Alyssa, Miah, Mikayla, and Cierra become my sister queens they also became a part of my family. I have loved each and every moment with them this year! Although we lived in different states our bond became stronger and stronger. Distance did not stop our laughter and friendship.
Where there is one successful queen there is a team behind her! Thank you to Georgina, Ashley, and Winnie for a super duper fun end of the year photo shoot! Mom, Dad, kai, Grandma and all of my family thank you for being my biggest supporters. There is one person who became my guardian angel over my reign and I know he’s watching over me and will continue to every time I'm on the stage. I wish you could've been here to shed a tear with me.
Special Shout out to Maria-Theresa for being the greatest coach EVER! I’m so happy I've been able to work with you! I’ve truly noticed how much I've grown through this year! I can’t wait for what is yet to come!
I'd like to thank NAM Team Ewing for making all of this possible. Breanne and Ryan, you're truly the best state directors in the World!! I cant wait to become someone as CrAzY as Breanne one day. Brooke, thank you for everything you've done! I would be extremely LOST without you! Love you!!
Whoever becomes one lucky girl July 11th, 2015 you're in for the best time of your life! I'll always be here if you need any help with anything but to all the girls who compete you're all beautiful! NEVER EVER give up on what you want because when they say third time's a charm you better believe them! I hope I made everyone proud this year! I promise all of you this wont be the last time you'll see me…but, before I go I'd like to say this year has been dedicated to Mason one person who's made me truly want to make a difference.. it's been my gratification to be your
Miss Nevada Jr. Teen, Kailyn Domingo.. xoxo

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