Thursday, July 2, 2015

Utah Jr. Pre-Teen Holds Cheer Bow Challenge

In the beginning of December Utah Jr. Pre-Teen, Miah Green, was looking at her cheer bows and asked how she can wear all her cheer bows. That's the point she came up with the Cheer Bow Challenge! Miah contacted friends, family, neighbors, businesses and cheer bow companies for support. Most of her supporters sponsored a dollar amount for each day she wore a cheer bow consecutively or donated a cheer bow for her to wear. Miah came up with 50 days of consecutive cheer bows. If she didn’t wear a bow on one day then the whole challenge was over, but she did it! On December 10, 2014 she started and she completed the challenge on January 30, 2015. Miah presented a check to the Christmas Box House in Ogden, UT for $725 and later received another $50 check to donate. Enjoy a few pictures of milestone days during the Cheer Bow Challenge!

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