Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nevada Cover Girl Feeds Zoo Animals

Veronica Beauchamp, 2015 Miss Nevada Junior Teen Cover Girl, heard that the non-profit Roos N More Zoo was running critically low on food for their animals. So, Veronica jumped into action and went around to local grocery stores as well as throughout her own neighborhood and collected donations of bananas, grapes, romaine lettuce, carrots,and other produce donations. She managed to gather a grand total of 80 1/2 pounds of produce! Veronica Beauchamp and her family then drove to Moapa, Nevada to personally deliver the food and help feed the animals at Roos N More Zoo! Veronica is currently assisting the set up of several more food drives and events for assisting the non-profit zoo by bringing in food for their animals!

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Pamela Beauchamp said...

Here is the final video to go with Veronica Beauchamp's project!

Watch "Feeding A Zoo" on YouTube