Monday, December 7, 2015

Project 150 Volunteer Opportunity

Check out a great an opportunity for NAM girls to help in the community! Make sure you contact Veronica Beauchamp by December 9th. See below for more details.

"Project 150" is a nonprofit group striving to help out Homeless Teens and Youth in Nevada. Veronica has been helping them with clothing drives and other events in the past. Each month, they open up "Betty's Boutique" (a storage warehouse at Project 150, located at 3600 N. Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89130) and allow homeless teens and youth that can show a school ID card to receive several "NEW" outfits to pick out on their own and keep, for FREE. (They must show school ID to prove they are continuing education, and taking advantage of help Project 150 and their partnering organizations are providing to help these kids become successful and thrive).

This month, Project 150 has donations, but they only have 22 helpers. They NEED 63 MORE HELPERS in order to help service the 800 homeless teens and youth that will be there on Saturday, December 12th. So, the Director of Project 150 reached out to Veronica Beauchamp, NAM 2015-2016 Junior Teen National Cover Miss, for help!

Volunteers need to wear CLOSED toed shoes, jeans and a NAM t-shirt. Volunteers need to arrive by 9AM for instruction and station assignment (restocking shelves with items, helping to find sizes, watching the dressing room areas, calculating items to make sure the teens each get listed number of shirts, jeans, etc.....basically, WE are going to run the store!). All volunteers will receive a FREE catered lunch provided by a local casino. Volunteers should be completely finished by 1 PM.

Homeless Teens/Youth will start arriving by 10 AM, until Noon. Afterwards, volunteers will help tidy up and restock shelves.

We could also use a few parents to direct parking, if anyone wants to volunteer. They have safety vests provided.

Anyone who wants to volunteer and CAN show up for sure, should contact Veronica Beauchamp, NAM 2015-2016 Junior Teen National Cover Miss by email at or by texting her at (702)-279-8345, or you can leave a message on our home phone at (702)-568-3489. We need to provide a list of volunteers to the Director by December 10th.

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