Tuesday, March 29, 2016

2015 Miss Iowa Jr. Teen, Madison Foley's Farewell

National American Miss has taught me many things such as believing in myself, how to shine on stage, and most importantly... I LOOK GOOD! I started my journey with NAM five years ago in the Pre-Teen division and never thought I would take away so many amazing experiences and so many amazing friends that I will forever cherish.
My year as the 2015 Miss Iowa Jr. Teen started out right away as I attended many other state pageants as visiting royalty. I was so privileged to visit Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to help out with the pageant and meet all the awesome State Queens and State Finalists. That wasn't the only thing keeping me busy though. I headed to Des Moines with all my sister queens to meet the governor, for a photo shoot, to be interviewed by a newscast called Great Day, and visit the Blank Children hospital to meet the patients and donate a bunch of toys and supplies. I was also in a bunch of small town and big city parades such as The Tulip Festival Parade, River Cade, Hull Days, Spencer, and the Iowa State Fair Parade. 
Months flew by in a flash and before I knew it I was on a plan flying out to California for the National Pageant. The week was busy but full of memories. I met so many amazing girls that I will never forget. I did so many things that I had never done before like visit an ocean and go to Disney Land and it was all a blast! Even though I didn't win the title of a National Queen, I left Nationals with cherished friendships and experiences that I will be forever thankful for! I just going to throw a quick shout out to the 2015 Jr. Teen Queens. Even months after nationals we have kept our iPhone group chat alive which I think is awesome!

One of my favorite parts of the royal life was the Open Calls and Pageant Preps. Meeting all the upcoming state finalists and preparing them for the state pageant was so fun and reminded me of when I visited my state Open Call and Pageant Prep. Thinking of that made me super thankful for all my opportunities I have had in my life. 
I want to kick off my thank you's with Breanne and Ryan Ewing and all of the NAM staff! Thank you so much for being so amazing and structured and teaching girls that they can accomplish things that are in their wildest dreams. Thank you to all my sister queens for being the best unrelated sisters. Lily, Sydney, Addie, Kaylee, Anna, Kenna, Rebecca, and Larissa: you are all so amazing, beautiful, and you will accomplish great things one day, that I am sure of. Next, I want to thank Springboard, more specifically Robin and Emerie. Without you two, not only would I not look as good and professional as I do during the pageants, I would not have been able to get as far as I have. You gals are amazing and I want to give you guys a big virtual hug! 

Now, I want to throw a huge thank you to my family. Mom and Dad: I wouldn't have been able to accomplish anything, pageant related and not, without you guys and I am so thankful for that. Skyler and Kenzie, you have been so supportive of me and I just want to thank you guys. I love all of you and once again, thank you! 
To all the state finalists: you have already made it to the state pageants so you are the top in your state. Even if you don't leave the pageant with a crown just think of all the things you have accomplished throughout that weekend and think of all the new friendships you have made. 

Lastly, to my successor. This year will, no doubt, be one of the best of your life. It will fly by and before you will have time to blink you will be writing your farewell so remember to cherish all of it. Take lots and lots of pictures! How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard? -Winnie the Pooh 

For the last time, I am your 2015 Miss Iowa Jr. Teen
Madison Foley

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