Saturday, March 26, 2016

2015 Miss Iowa Princess, Lilly Glandon's Farewell

Who knew a letter in the mail could turn a shy little girl into a princess? That's the stuff fairy tales are made of, and that's what this year has been for me, my very own amazing fairy tale!

I made tons of new friends, rode in parades, and I even got to meet my favorite singer, Matthew West! It made me the happiest girl on earth when he asked me for a hug and said he'd never met a real princess before.
Being a princess is about putting others before yourself. So I got busy donating the Community Involvement supplies to Headstart and the kids at the Wesley Center, where I helped serve meals to low-income families. I stayed involved with a local food pantry and The Oskaloosa Summer Lunch Program. I also collected donations and was blessed to be able to deliver a whole van load of supplies to a homeless shelter in Iowa City. 
But you can't have a fairy tale without dreams coming true, and that's where my sister queens come in. I think God picked all of you out just for me! Thank you for all of the Love and hugs, you are the best sisters in the whole world! I will never forget all of the fun we had meeting the Governor, being on live T.V., visiting the Children's Hospital, and of course our group photo shoot.
And then bippity, boppity bam! We were at Nationals is California, having a blast with our NAMily! From Disneyland, to me falling in the ocean, and my brother getting 2nd place in the dance contest. These are memories that will last a lifetime! I was even blessed with 4th runner-up for best Thank You Note, 2nd runner-up for Runway Modeling, and placed in the Top 10 to the Queen's Title!
Lots of love and hugs to NAM and Team Ewing for creating this magical place where dreams come true! Thank you Mommy and Daddy for always helping me face my fears and believing in me. I love you to the moon and back! To my big brother Joey, thank you for always pushing me to do my best. I know I can do anything if you got my back! And to my little brother Ford, your smile melts my heart and always keeps me going! This fairy tale never would have happened though without God giving me the courage to overcome being shy and filling my life with all of the amazing people that made my journey possible.

To all of you girls out there, you don't need a crown to tell you how amazing all of you are! We were made by the Hands that made the stars, and all of you are stars. So keep dreaming big princesses and light this world up!

With lots of love
I am your 2015 Miss Iowa Princess, Lilly Glandon

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