Saturday, May 21, 2016

Arizona Princess Collects Books and Pajamas

AZ Airtime, a local trampoline park, dedicated an entire month to the Zoephia Foundation. This foundation was founded by 2015 Miss Arizona Princess, Zoephia Decker-Knealing. AZ Airtime gave $2 off admission to jumpers who donated a book or pair of pajamas to Zoephia Foundation. Donated items were then donated to Pajama Program and a local shelter in town. Zoephia also held a Pajama Party where jumpers wore their jammies and brought donations. The video below is Zoephia working on her aerial that weekend—note she is wearing her jammies ;-). A fellow NAM girl and 2014 National Cover Girl, Ella Cox, was there and she won our door prize which was a year of dance at Dancer’s Domain (Zoephia’s dance studio) and a family 4 fun pack for skating at the Scottsdale Ice Den (where Zoephia ice skates).

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