Sunday, June 19, 2016

2015 Miss Missouri Princess, Caroline Cook's Farewell

When I was three years old I watched my first NAM state pageant. I called it “Nashicals” – “National American Miss” + “magical.” And what a year it has been!
I made over 40 appearances as Miss Missouri Princess – talk about busy! I was featured in parades all over the state and had fun riding with my sister queens in the State Fair Parade, Mizzou Homecoming Parade and Jefferson City Christmas Parade. 
My crown helped me make a big difference. I especially loved working with the Ronald McDonald House in Kansas City and Operation Support Our Troops. We sent over 300 cards to soldiers overseas, including my uncles! 
Nationals was amazing! I felt like everyone was cheering for me. It was fun meeting girls from all over the country – the other queens even voted me Miss Personality! I also won 3rd runner up Actress, 1st runner up Best Resume, 1st runner up Volunteer Service, 3rd runner up Essay, and Golden Achievement in Community Service (the NAM-y). On the final night, at my first national pageant EVER, I placed third runner up to the national title! 
My awards are fun, but I love all my new friends and my confidence more. I’m a small town farmer’s daughter, but I was able to do all this! No matter who you are or where you come from, NAM is magical! Take the chance, give it your best, and remember to always think to yourself, “I LOOK GOOD!!!”
2015 Miss Missouri Princess
Caroline Cook

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