Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2015 Miss Missouri Princess Cover Girl, Jacy Lowrance's Farewell

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Jacy. More than anything this little girl dreamed of becoming a NAM Princess, and to be able to go to Disneyland to meet Mickey, and Goofy, and many, many other little girls like her from all around the United States of America. So, she had decided to work really, really hard preparing for 2015 state competition, hopping that her dream will come true. 
In June of 2015, my dream did come true! I was crowned the 2015 Miss Missouri Princess Cover Girl! I was SO VERY HAPPY!!!!! I’ve got a special crown and a banner, and several really cool prizes, but most importantly, I was given several boxes of books and school supplies that could share with anyone I wish. Still, it was a very hard decision because I wanted to share my victory and my prizes with everyone I know in my hometown of Vandalia. 
The very next morning, I was ready to start my royalty year! My mommy and daddy explained to me that there are lots of families who can’t afford buying all the necessary school supplies for pre-school and kindergarten, so I was glad to help. I brought many of books and school supplies to different organizations around Audrain County, including, Sonlight Cristian Daycare, Van-Far Elementary School, Vandalia Library, etc. I also visited nursing homes and local fairs, while working on my community involvement project. The more I was doing it, the more I liked being a NAM queen because other girls followed my example and were joining me on the “trash-picking” or “entertainment for elderly” projects. 
As my year is coming to an end, I want to thank everyone on the NAM team for a great opportunity and all the fun!!! It was a blast! Even though, I didn’t believe Ms. Breanne saying, “You have lots of work ahead of you. It is a job to be a NAM queen! ” Still, it was worth it! Lots of fun working on community projects, riding in the parades, traveling from state to state, making new friends, and of course Nationals in California!!!!! All these experiences I won’t ever forget! 
Finally, I can’t forget to thank my dear sponsors “Sydenstricker” of Mexico, MO, “Service and Supply Coop” of Vandalia, MO, and “Poet biorefining” of Ladonia, MO. Your generous donations helped my dreams come true! Thank you very much! And of course, many, many thanks to my mommy and daddy!!!! We worked so well as a team! 
Love and many kisses!!! 
Your 2015 Miss Missouri Princess Cover Girl
Jacy Lowrance

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