Thursday, July 7, 2016

2015 Miss Nevada Jr. Pre-Teen, Kayla Walsh's Farewell

There are so many things I've enjoyed about being part of National American Miss and winning a State Title. But most of all I loved how happy it made my family, and how many exciting things we were able to do together because of my win.
We were on our way to an exciting year and Nationals. At Nationals I met so many new people and saw new things. I had never been to California before or Disneyland. And here I was doing all of this as a State Queen! That made it even more exciting for me.
At school I became more of a role model to my classmates. They would come to me more for advice. I knew I had more of a responsibility and I was ready for it! That made me feel good when I could help them. Seeing the smiles on the Senior Community I volunteered with made me feel that I had accomplished even more. They were so proud of me and that felt great. It was special for them to be included.
To my successor, just make sure to enjoy yourself on your journey and just relax. I hope you get as much out of this experience as I have. Stay positive, have fun, and most important be yourself. Use your title to help others and be a role model to everyone.
Thank you to everyone who made my dreams come true! Love your 2015 Miss Nevada Jr. Pre-Teen,
Kayla Walsh

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