Monday, July 4, 2016

2015 Miss Nevada Jr. Teen Cover Girl, Veronica Beauchamp's Farewell

I am a girl with dreams, courage, and confidence. This statement could not be more true. One year ago, I would not have believed that I could do half of the things that I do now. National American Miss gave me the opportunity to follow my dreams, the courage to stand up on a stage, and the the confidence to be who I want to be.
When I started my journey with National American Miss, I did not think that I would be crowned on stage as the 2015 Miss Nevada Junior Teen Cover Girl. This was my first year competing in a pageant, and I didn't know what to expect. National American Miss was beyond my expectations. I thought that all pageants were focused on glitz, beauty, and swimsuits. After some research, I realized that National American Miss was different! With no swimsuit competition, and girls under a certain age not being allowed to wear make-up, this made personality and community service, and confidence the main traits judges looked for in the next representatives. Because of this focus, I was overjoyed to have also won the Junior Teen Volunteer Service Award!
Throughout my reign, I participated in many special events, with the first one being Visiting Royalty at the NAM Arizona pageant the week after I was crowned! In the following months, I connected with lots of my Royalty Sisters, and even traveled to Utah to go to the Utah State Fair with them! Word spread of my activities volunteering with over 35 local charities throughout Nevada, and also helping with charities in California, and some in states as far as Ohio and Pennsylvania, that one day, my Mom got a call from Washington D.C.! I was being offered a Congressional Internship with Congressman Joe Heck, of Nevada! After that, I continued getting invited to participate in tons of charity events, helping the Ronald McDonald House, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and then I was asked to be the Teen Ambassador for Speedway Children's Charities, the NSPCA, and for Families Against Drunk Driving! And I met lots of political officials, like Congressman Joe Heck and Congresswoman Dina Titus, Mayor Andy Hafen, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Governor Brian Sandoval, representatives for Senator Harry Reid, and several others! I even received several surprise items like certificates, recognition coins, proclamations, and a USA flag flown over the US Capitol building in my honor!
There were so many surprise events that I got to be part of, Grand Openings, Ribbon Cuttings, Personal TV, Webcast, and Radio Interviews, many Red Carpet events, and I was even featured at a Movie Premiere, and will be highlighted in an interview on the movie's DVD! I got to put my Runway Modeling, and Casual Wear Modeling, and Top model Photo Shoot experiences from both NAM Nevada and NAM Nationals to use participating in numerous fashion shows, including being selected as an escort for "Magic" the Puppy Bowl puppy at several Red Carpet and Runway events, and a chance to model the fashions of several famous designers in local fashion shows, and I even got to visit the design studios of designers Louisa Voisine (in Nevada) and Inga Nataya (in California)! The event that my Dad liked the best was when I got to participate in NASCAR....I was up on the stage to help start out the NASCAR Opening Ceremonies! I even was allowed to invite two of my pageant sisters to join me! And, I got to help serve breakfast to the Mayor and his Council, and I invited my pageant sisters to join me for that, too! In fact, I did a lot together with my NAM Nevada and NAM Utah Royalty Sisters! We were in the St. Patrick's Day Parade and Henderson Heritage Parade together. I even found a dealership to donated a free vehicle for us all to ride in! We went to several zoos, fairs, and carnivals, and the movies, and musical events together! When we weren't together, we were texting, calling, and messaging each other! A few of them even came over to my house for fun projects together, and I went to their houses, too! I really liked being able to invite my NAM Sisters along to help at lots of community events, charity events, and volunteer service events, too!
In November, I went to NAM Nationals in California, and made tons of friends from across the Nation and got to go to Disneyland, Hollywood, and to the Ocean together! And, I came home with the National title of the 2015-2016 National American Miss Junior Teen Cover Miss! Boy, was I shocked! I've made friends that that I would never have met if it weren't for going to Nationals and connecting thru National American Miss! I've connected with tons of NAM Royalty in other states, worked on projects together, and supported projects of my pageant sisters, and connected with girls in other pageant systems too, like the Miss Amazing pageant, and I got to cheer on one of my pageant sisters in the Miss Nevada Teen pageant. In fact, I've adopted quite a few little sisters into my own family, like Zareena in Nevada, Lily in Ohio, Miah and Katie in Utah, and Elana in Missouri! And I have a lot of older Royalty Sisters helping to teach me what to do, like Kaitlyn and DeAnn in Nevada, Olivia in Virginia, and Josie in Utah! I loved meeting up with some of them while doing Open Calls and Pageant Preps in Utah and Nevada, and I was so impressed with all the new girls coming in, trying out for NAM, and I wish you all the best of luck! This will truly be a weekend you never forget! I can't wait to see who I get to pass my title to!
I am so happy that Steve and Kathleen Mayes created the National American Miss pageant system so that I could participate in this incredible experience and push myself beyond what I ever thought would be possible! Thank you to Breanne and Ryan Ewing and to Brooke Hughes for having faith in me to be a good representative for your group and for my home state of Nevada! Thank you Mom, Dad, and Stephen for traveling with my on this journey and helping out whenever I asked! And thank you to Dawn Lee Costa and LaKishia Edwards at the NAM National HQ in Texas, for providing so much guidance! I am grateful to have my Great Aunt Rosemary and so many other sponsors who allowed me to compete and participate in all the optionals that I wanted to try out! I was so excited, I wanted to do them all, and I'm glad I did!
I am excited to see who will be crowned at each of the age divisions this year, and I know that they will all have a tremendous journey ahead of them, and hopefully, we can share some of those memories together, as my journey is not yet over! Very soon, I will be going as visiting Royalty in Arizona again! And now, this weekend, I will start a new adventure, taking a chance and competing in the NAM Nevada Teen division! I can't wait to see what new adventures are in store for me this upcoming year! Choosing to participate in National American Miss was one of the BEST decisions that I ever made! I hope that YOU feel the same!
Sincerely your 2015 Miss Nevada Junior Teen Cover Girl,
Veronica Beauchamp

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cricket1 said...

So Proud of you , we are siting here reading your profile, my Mom your Great Aunt Dolly , me your mothers cousin Judy, & my sister in law from Virginia Lucena . We wish you the best in every thing you do. So many of your relatives spread thru out the states wish we could have gotten to know you!! Just remember you are in our thoughts & prayers