Tuesday, July 5, 2016

2015 Miss Nevada Princess, Zareena Khan's Farewell

Little did I know when I was crowned 2015 Miss Nevada Princess, an enchanting journey had begun! My crown and banner has opened so many doors for me. Wherever I go people are genuinely interested in my message.
Every minute of the time I have spent helping others – whether at the Las Vegas Ronald McDonald House, the Nevada SPCA, feeding the homeless or making Christmas special for less fortunate families, has been worth it. I hosted a tea party to raise money for Thanksgiving Turkey Baskets. We not only had fun but also were able to provide hot traditional Thanksgiving meals to over a hundred families in need.
My trip to California for the Nationals was a whirlwind of Disneyland, Hollywood pomp and pageantry! I made so many friends! I also learned a lot about setting goals, leadership and ambition. Seeing the smiling faces of Breanne and Ryan Ewing in California was refreshing and made me feel right at home and much less nervous. Thanks Breanne for getting my Dad to dance crazy! I get to use that on him whenever I need to! Back home in Las Vegas, I have teamed up with my Nevada state sister Queens in several projects. We welcomed new hopefuls to our NAMily at the Nevada Open Calls. What memories that brought! I am always grateful for familiar friendly faces. Brooke Hughes – thank you!
The excitement I felt at my first crowning is rekindled every time I put on my banner and crown for an event, occasion or meeting. To my family who support everything I do I say I love you all very much. Your love is my inspiration. To the incoming Miss Nevada Princess – You have much to look forward to. Make the most of it, savour every minute, and use your time to help others and you will become a better person for it. Truly this year has been like a fairy tale with me as the Princess! I may be passing on this crown and honor – but the smiles they helped bring to the countless people I met will stay with me forever. 
Love and hugs,
2015 Miss Nevada Princess
Zareena Khan

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