Saturday, July 9, 2016

2015 Miss Utah Pre-Teen, Katie Jameson's Farewell

It has been such an honor to represent National American Miss and my state as the 2015 Miss Utah Pre-Teen. I dreamed of winning the NAM crown, but not even dreams could compare to what I felt the moment my name was called. It took awhile for it to sink in that I had actually won! It was very surreal when girls began messaging me that they looked up to ME and that I inspire them! I was excited to get to work and not let them down as their state queen.
I quickly found ways to get involved in my community. I helped with donation drives, Child Abuse prevention, anti-bullying events, the Ronald McDonald House, promoting vaccinations, helped at the Miss Amazing Pageant, I even got to work with Disney princesses to inspire kids to be strong and work for their happy ending. This also opened doors for me to spread awareness for Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES). This is a condition very close to my heart because 2 years ago my father started having these seizures and there was little to no information out there to help us. As Miss Utah Pre-teen I have been able to host many educational events to spread awareness as well as raise funds for this condition. I have connected with people all over the world suffering from PNES. My mayor noticed my hard work and surprised me at a city council meeting with the Making a Difference Award. When I walked into the meeting, the entire city council was wearing ribbons for my cause! It definitely brought a tear to my eye.
Other fun things I was able to participate in during my reign were parades, singing the national anthem, and throwing the first pitch in our home town minor league baseball game! The most fun had to be Nationals! It was time to turn in that golden ticket and go to Hollywood and Disneyland! At nationals I made SO many friends from all over the country! It was a week full of crazy rehearsals, secret handshakes, and lots of laughs. We even got to meet role models like, Nia Sanchez- Miss USA 2014, Kira Kazantsev – Miss America 2015, Steven Roddy - founder of the Pageant Planet, Dani Walker with Pageant Access, and Rayvon Owen!
With my year coming to an end I need to thank the special people in my life that made it possible. First, my brother, Gage. He was the first one on stage to congratulate me. He has put up with my crazy schedule and been my personal body guard. Thank you Dad for making this whole thing possible and telling Mom to just go check out what this pageant thing was all about. You are ALWAYS there for me and always know just what to say. Mom, we have always been close but I think this year has made us even closer. You help me accomplish all my goals. You are manager, personal hair dresser, wardrobe consultant, chauffeur and my best friend. Ryan and Breanne Ewing - thank you for being such fun and fabulous state directors. Thank you Brooke Hughes for all that you do, and thank you to all the team Ewing staff as well as the National American Miss staff. You make it possible for girls to gain confidence in themselves and realize their dreams can come true when they work hard and believe in themselves. You have taught me skills and opened doors that have put me on the path for an exciting future. 
To all the future NAM contestants…Work hard and have fun! Most importantly - believe in yourself! Let your inner beauty shine so the judges can see the real YOU! I didn’t win the crown my first year competing but I did win friends, confidence, and skills that helped me win eventually. To my successor- CONGRATULATIONS! Be prepared to work hard and have the time of your life! Your reign is what you make it and you represent all of us - National American Miss, your state, past title holders, and all the amazing ladies you competed with! Cherish every moment! The year flies by so fast but the memories you make and the things you accomplish stay with you forever. Be prepared for amazing opportunities! Take them! It is a wild ride so hold on tight and GO FOR IT!
I will forever be your 2015 Miss Utah Pre-Teen,
Katie Jameson

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