Saturday, August 20, 2016

2015 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Pre-Teen, Tiernee Harper's Farewell

How can I possibly put into words everything I think and, most importantly, FEEL, about my reign? Hearing my name called was like a dream, but I was awake and it was real and I could never have imagined what it was going to be like being a title holder for NAM.
My first appearance was to an elementary school to deliver the backpacks filled with books and school supplies. They took a picture, researched NAM, and put me in their school newsletter! It was fun being in several parades, particularly the Glenwood City Rustic Lore Days Parade with my Sister Queen, Shelby Hohneke. Shelby and I also went to "Hope for the Homeless," and made cardboard box homes to sleep in for a night. My charity, Tiernee's Toys from the Heart, made toy donations to "Christmas is for Kids of Dunn County," an organization that makes sure all kids in Dunn County have a wonderful Christmas. I asked for food donations in lieu of birthday gifts and donated to the local food pantry. When the cold weather hit, I donated a bunch of winter clothing to my school. Handing out trophies at the Wisconsin National Horse Pull was awesome. I was part of a group that made 250 sandwiches to feed the homeless! Nationals was beyond amazing - I was in the top 10! There's just so much to mention... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with this title. I am forever changed in a way I can't explain. Breanne, thank you for making every practice a treat at nationals. You have a way of making girls feel individually special, one of many reasons I love NAM. Julie B, thanks for always sharing a smile... you are such a warm person. To my grandmas, grandpas, Vicky, Dan, Jeff and Linda...thank you for showing up to all of my state pageants. Knowing you are there means so much. Grandma Boe - it was great to have you back at nationals this year! Aunt Nikki, where to start? Your help with all of the dances was priceless. Thank you for everything you've done for me since my very first step on stage four years ago! Mary, I've come to rely on you so much. Thank you for playing such a huge role in my success and for always knowing what to say when pep talks were needed. Mom and Dad...thank you for knowing NAM was something I should be part of - and allowing me to go for it! Sister queens...I have always begged for a sister and this past year I've had all of you! I am excited for your futures and hope we always stay in touch.
Contestants, be proud.  YOU ARE HERE, at a National American Miss pageant!  Woot woot! Take a second to realize just how BIG that is. You've put in hours of hard work to prepare and, whether you realize it or not, this experience has changed you. This is an amazing accomplishment! To my successor...CONGRATULATIONS! You have just earned the honor of representing NAM for the next unforgettable 365 days. This is the opportunity of a lifetime! Your reign will be over before you know it so get out there, make appearances, make friends, do new things, take lots of pictures. I hope you're ready for a year of wonderful.
Love, your 2015 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Pre-Teen,
Tiernee Harper

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