Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Missouri Teen Volunteers at Harversters Outreach

2016 Miss Missouri Teen, Jessica Hanner, and her mom had the opportunity to serve in the Harvesters Outreach ministry at their church. They helped distribute food to families from the community! Jessica has volunteered with Harvesters Community Food Network before at their central location in Kansas City and also through her church. On one occasion, her family went to the KC location and helped bag apples. A short time later, Jessica ended up handing out bags of apples at the Harvesters Outreach. It was exciting to see that what she did in one phase of volunteering resulted in actually meeting those who received the apples and knowing it made a difference! It has been a great way for her family to serve others! DID YOU KNOW that Harvesters has a 26-county service area and 122,570 children are food insecure? It means they may have food today, but do not know if they will have it tomorrow. Find out how you can make a difference at www.harvesters.org.

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