Monday, June 12, 2017

Farewell to Adyson Bires Miss Missouri Princess Cover Girl

June 25, 2016 became one of the most special evenings in my life!  What more could I ask for than being crowned “Cover Girl” and beginning my reign. This past year has had its share of excitement and learning experiences. I have had the opportunity to meet so many new friends and to experience so many activities, including my trip to Nationals and my charity events. The trip to Nationals was one I will never forget. So many queens in one place, and getting our picture in front of the Disneyland castle…that was awesome! Theme parties were a blast and our trip to Hollywood and to the Beach gave us more time with our friends and family to relax and have some fun. Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with a room of queens was extra special.  

The biggest thing I’ve learned was to just do better each year than I did last year. Learning to be in front of a large crowd and introducing myself, as well as interviewing with many adults, has helped me with some of my shyness and fear of meeting new people.

I truly enjoyed being able to help with different charity functions, especially those which involved helping dogs or other animals. I also created my own “No Bullying” campaign at my school. I want to thank all of my sponsors and advertisers from last year, both at the state level and National level. I especially want to thank my parents, along with Nani and Poppie, for the opportunity they gave me to be part of National American Miss, because without them, none of this would be possible. I love you all. To my successor,  I wish you the best. Have fun, meet new friends and enjoy all of the things you will learn over this next year. Take advantage of being in a position for other girls to look up to you. Set a good example and always be confident. As Breanne says “You look good girl.”  I’m Adyson Bires, and I have truly enjoyed being your 2016 National American Miss Princess Cover Girl.

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