Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It was an Awesome Year for Miss Nevada Teen Kailyn Domingo

Who would've thought a year would go by this fast? Being Miss Nevada Teen has meant everything to me. I've made so many new memories in this chapter of my life and it wouldn't be possible without some special people.

To my sister queens I love each and every one of you, although we take off our crowns we will forever be sisters at heart, I will miss laughing with you all. 

Thank you to Breanne and Ryan for making my queenly experiences the best of the best. Mom, thank you for helping me be the best Miss Nevada I could be. Always know I could never be a beautiful queen on both the outside and inside without you. I'd also like to thank Maria-Theresa for always giving me the greatest advice and being right by my side this entire year. To Elizabeth and Ferell much love & thanks for making me look and feel like a princess. There are so many people I'd like to thank that have supported me throughout my journey please know I'm forever grateful. 

After nationals I realized, I may not have came home with a new crown but I did come home with so many sister queens and the best experience ever. So my advice to each contestant don't let the crown and banner be all the pageant is about & win or lose make the best of pageant weekend. 

I hope I have represented Nevada & Utah proudly. I loved traveling between both states no matter how tiring it was. This year was the definition of magical and becoming apart of The Just One Project family is just one of my favorite parts in particular. 

Although this chapter in my life is coming to an end I'm ready to take on whatever lies in the road ahead. I forever am your Miss Nevada-Utah Teen 2016, Kailyn Domingo. 

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